University of Stirling and COP26

Stirling researchers are responding to society’s needs by tackling global challenges and helping to meet the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

As the world's environmental community gathers in Glasgow for COP26, our researchers are making a unique contribution to the critical debates at the heart of the international effort to combat the causes and effects of climate change.

Our distinctive research portfolio brings together the headline themes of Living Well, Culture, Communities and Society, and Global Security and Resilience, translating pioneering and insightful research into positive outcomes.

Insight and policy

Read the latest insights from our researchers on the Public Policy Blog.

COP26 bite-sized lectures

Our researchers unpack the critical themes and debates of the conference through mini online lectures.

Hydro Nation Virtual Water Pavilion

Explore two exhibits in the Scottish Government’s virtual COP26 Hydro Nation Pavilion, demonstrating how Stirling research is making a critical contribution to the climate challenge.

Power Up!

Adopting sustainable solutions involves trade-offs, with decision-makers facing dilemmas. Put yourself in their shoes and consider the compromises involved in generating clean energy, through a new game developed by Stirling researchers.

Scotland’s International Environment Centre

Scotland’s International Environment Centre is a pioneering collaboration driving the creation of a net zero regional economy and acting as a global model for low-carbon growth.

Forth Environmental Resilience Array

Our flagship green recovery platform enables a just transition to net zero. We’re taking Forth-ERA to the heart of the debate in the COP26 Green Zone.


forestLAB is a new research hub created to explore climate-smart, conservation-led solutions for sustainable development in central Africa.

Hydro Nation

The Hydro Nation initiative is driving innovation in the Scottish water sector, to net zero and beyond.

Big Fish webinar series

Aquaculture research is helping to feed the world. The Big Fish Series bring together, online seminars from the Institute of Aquaculture, highlighting seafood’s roles in sustainable food systems.

HotFish Podcast

Listen to our researchers explore the implications of climate change in different aquaculture and aquatic food contexts through the new HotFish podcast, created especially for COP26.

COP26 universities network

We’ve come together with partners across the UK’s higher education sector to support a successful COP26. Read more about the world of the COP26 Universities Network.

COP26 News

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