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Dr Daniel Chapman

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About me

I am an ecologist interested in investigating the natural world using statistical and computational modelling. I have a particular focus on the distribution, dynamics and diversity of invasive non-native species, and I aim to better understand invasion processes in order to improve the management of problem species.

I completed my PhD at the University of York on metapopulation dynamics in a dynamic habitat network, before conducting post doctoral research on upland ecosystem modelling at the University of Leeds. I then spent 10 years at the NERC Centre for Ecology & Hydrology in Edinburgh, conducting and leading research funded by a range of organisations including NERC, BBSRC, the EU, and the Scottish Government. My research has influenced invasive species policy, for example by contributing to species risk assessments that support EU legislation.

I am currently advertising 4 funded PhD positions:

On the road: Range expansion of coastal plants under global change (https://www.iapetus2.ac.uk/studentships/on-the-road-range-expansion-of-coastal-plants-under-global-change/). Deadline Jan 8 2021 (17:00 UK time)

Global spread of plant pests and diseases: projecting future threats to food security (https://www.findaphd.com/phds/project/eastbio-global-spread-of-plant-pests-and-diseases-projecting-future-threats-to-food-security/?p126244). Deadline 6th January 2021.

Effects of Invasive Non-Native Species within ecological networks and consequences for ecosystem function (https://www.iapetus2.ac.uk/studentships/effects-of-invasive-non-native-species-within-ecological-networks-and-consequences-for-ecosystem-function-2/). Deadline Jan 8 2021 (17:00 UK time)

Modelling plant host-pathogen interactions and spread for resilient biosecurity and planting policy (https://www.iapetus2.ac.uk/studentships/modelling-plant-host-pathogen-interactions-and-spread-for-resilient-biosecurity-and-planting-policy/). Deadline Jan 8 2021 (17:00 UK time)

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