Miss Nonglak Sopakayoung

PhD Researcher

Biological and Environmental Sciences Stirling

Miss Nonglak Sopakayoung

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My curiosity is about how we could better manage forests as common-pool resources particularly tropical forests where are home of the greatest biodiversity on the earth, massive carbon storage, and crucial ecosystem services. It could be too complex and ambiguous from their multi-variations and disturbances factors. Scientific approach on forest management from the international experts might be the challenge to the local wisdoms on forest conservation and protection even on their belief about the power of sacred forests. For my research, I’m interested in the development and identification the set of criteria and indicators to assess how inter-collaboration lead to the sustainable forest management of forest community villages. By looking at the marginal people who live close and depend upon forests with strong community’s tradition and culture where international cooperation project has been conducted, the relationships among all stakeholders participated in forest management will be the key information to better understand their interactions.