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Miss Eleri Kent

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I am a PhD candidate at the University of Stirling, funded by NERC IAPETUS (see 'Research' page for details); I am interested in how to effectively mitigate the effects of anthropogenic forces on species and ecosystems, particularly habitat restoration.

During my undergraduate degree I spent a semester in Australia and during a field-trip took part in a long-term study of strategies to promote biodiversity on a cattle farm which helped spark my interest in the effects of land use and conservation in human-dominated landscapes. My MRes project focused on the spatial distribution of roadkill and how this was influenced by an urban-rural gradient. During this time I also assisted Cardiff Otter Project with collecting samples and data from otter postmortems.

I have also worked in outdoor centers and am passionate about education and outreach.


MRes - Cardiff University (2019)

BSc - University of St Andrews (2018)

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