Mr Samuel Rogerson

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Biological and Environmental Sciences Stirling

Mr Samuel Rogerson

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About me


I am an IAPETUS PhD researcher in Biological and Environmental Sciences, studying the impacts of long-term woodland creation on invertebrate communities. My project focuses on the relative and combined effects of local and landscape variables on invertebrate colonisation, functional diversity, and trophic complexity.

My work is part of a wider, long-term research project called WrEN (Woodland Creation and Ecological Networks), which aims to provide evidence to underpin future conservation efforts to create and enhance ecological networks for wildlife. My findings will hopefully be used to inform future woodland creation policy and practice in the UK.


After graduating Napier University with a BSc (Hons) in Animal Biology, I worked in Dumfries & Galloway as an ecological consultant for three years. I joined Stirling University in May 2021 as a Research Technician and entomologist for a project with SASA and the Plant Health Centre on the abundance and distribution of Xylella fastidiosa vectors (spittlebugs and friends!). I then joined the RestREco (Restoring Resilient Ecosystems) project in a similar capacity as co-lead of invertebrate identification before beginning my PhD.





Entomology, Ecology, Behavioural Ecology, Woodland Ecology, Natural History, Freshwater Ecology, Tropical Ecology.

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Project Report

Chapman D, A'Hara S, Broadmeadow S, Cairns R, Cottrell J, Fuentes-Montemayor E, Lester K, Occhibove F, Rogerson S, White SM & Park K (2022) Improving knowledge Of Xylella fastidiosa vector ecology: modelling vector occurrence and abundance in the wider landscape in Scotland.. Plant Health Centre. Dundee.



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BIOU6PE - Plant Ecology


BIOU4BD - Biodiversity SCIU2PS - Practical Science Skills II: Field Skills


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