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Our cross-disciplinary research tackles global challenges in issues such as food security, changing environments, behaviour and evolution, digital economies and biodiversity.

We’re internationally renowned for our natural science research that explores the complex interrelationships between human behaviours, technologies, and biological, environmental and aquatic systems.

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We offer a vibrant, supportive environment for postgraduate researchers in natural sciences. Take a closer look at the subject areas we offer PhD supervision in and find out how to apply. 


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Research Spotlights

River Thames, London
Research Spotlight

Saving Europe's freshwaters

Find out how our research has been critical to implementing major new policies to repair tens of thousands of water bodies across Europe.

aquaculture farm
Research Spotlight

Aquaculture research

Our Institute of Aquaculture's priorities reflect a global interest in understanding how aquaculture can support the rapidly increasing human population without depleting wild-fish stocks.


Researchers explore ‘face blindness’ in children

Researchers explore ‘face blindness’ in children

Researchers have launched a new study into a little-known phenomenon which prevents people from recognising members of their own immediate family or sometimes even their own reflection.

Scientists able to predict epidemic size and evolution in ‘world-first’

Scientists able to predict epidemic size and evolution in ‘world-first’

Scientists at the University of Stirling have been able to unpick what determines the size and evolution of disease in a first-of-its-kind study.


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