Mr Adam Fell

Post Doctoral Research Fellow

Biological and Environmental Sciences Office 3B148 Cottrell Building University of Stirling Stirling FK9 4LA

Mr Adam Fell

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About me

About me

I previously undertook a Zoology BSc (2015) and Bioscience MRes (2018) at Swansea University, which saw me focus on the behaviour and social interactions of orphaned chimpanzees in Uganda. More recently I have been developing the understanding of the foraging ecology of the red-tailed tropicbird, a pelagic tropical seabird, using movement and behaviour data. The aim being to understand how changes in the environment could possibly alter this species foraging and breeding behaviour.


I'm particularly interested in how animals react to the changing world and how they can alter their behaviours in response to this. My current PhD project focuses on understanding how forest fragmentation affects bird behaviour in the tropical landscapes of Panama. Currently very little is known about how birds disperse and shift movement patterns with regards to habitat fragmentation. We predict that species life-history and morphological traits will interact with landscape composition to determine dispersal among forest fragments. We aim to tag multiple bird species from distinct groups (canopy and understory frugivores and insectivores) with state of the art GPS loggers to monitor movement patterns across multiple landscape types.

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