Dr Martina Quaggiotto

Lecturer in Environmental Management

Biological and Environmental Sciences Stirling

Dr Martina Quaggiotto

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About me

After completing my MRes in Marine Biology at the University of Trieste in Italy, I moved to Scotland for a PhD at the University of Glasgow in 2011. My PhD project looked into the role of marine mammal carrion on the ecology of coastal systems. As post-doctoral researcher I collaborated with colleagues from the University of Glasgow, the Australian National University and the University of Granada and worked further on carrion ecology, but also fish cognition. I gained much teaching experience working as a Graduate Teaching Assistant and Lecturer in Animal Biology at the University of Glasgow. I am now Lecturer in Ecology at the University of Stirling where I became Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Teaching is my passion and inspiring students to learn and love what they study is my priority.


Highly commended - Research Culture Awards

One highly commended with Dr Jo Clarke Category: Outstanding research activity dedicated to enhancing EDI. Award granted by the University of Stirling

Winner - Inspirational Women Awards

Category “Staff member” Award granted by the Student Union of the University of Stirling.

Winner - RATE Awards

Category: Dedication to sustainability Category: Dedication to equality, diversity and inclusion Award granted by the Student Union of the University of Stirling.

Honourable Mention - Inspirational Women Awards

Award granted by the Student Union of the University of Stirling.

Research (1)

My research focuses on the influence that marine and terrestrial carrion has on the vertebrate and invertebrate scavenging communities and soil properties. I am also interested in the past and current ecosystem services associated with animal carcasses. Finally, I have also worked on fish cognition in the ecological and behavioural contexts producing both reviews and educational resources.


Amplifying our students' voice: the co-production of undergraduate field courses (residential and non-residential) to address EDI
PI: Dr Martina Quaggiotto
Funded by: Natural Environment Research Council

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Redondo-Gómez D, Quaggiotto M, Bailey DM, Eguía S, Morales-Reyes Z, López-Pastor BdlN, Martín-Vega D, Martínez-Carrasco C, Sebastián-González E, Sánchez-Zapata JA & Moleón M (2022) Comparing scavenging in marine and terrestrial ecosystems: a case study with fish and gull carcasses in a small Mediterranean island. Basic and Applied Ecology, 59, pp. 92-104. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.baae.2022.01.006

Book Chapter

Selva N, Moleón M, Sebastián-González E, DeVault TL, Quaggiotto MM, Bailey DM, Lambertucci SA & Margalida A (2019) Vertebrate Scavenging Communities. In: Carrion Ecology and Management. Springer International Publishing, pp. 71-99. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-16501-7_4

Book Chapter

Moleón M, Selva N, Quaggiotto MM, Bailey DM, Cortés-Avizanda A & DeVault TL (2019) Carrion Availability in Space and Time. In: Carrion Ecology and Management. Springer International Publishing, pp. 22-44. https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-16501-7_2



The appraisal of knowledge, development and application of skills and formation of personal competencies fed by curiosity and enthusiasm are part of what I consider good learning and the bases of my pedagogical philosophy. Also, as a researcher myself, I find almost impossible to disentangle teaching from research, simply because at the higher education level teaching would not exist without research and vice versa. I have therefore always appreciated the importance of research-led teaching. Finally, my teaching practice fulfils the aims of the Learning & Teaching Quality and Enhancement Strategy of the University of Stirling.

I teach on a range of modules: Biology Field Course (SCIU3FB, coordinator), Biogeography: An Ecological and Evolutionary Approach (GEOU3BE), Conservation Biology (BIOU7CB, coordinator),
Statistical Techniques (SCIU4T4),
Honours Project Programme (BIOU9PR/GEOU9PR/ENVU9PR) MSci Dissertation (ENMPG18/30)

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