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Biological and Environmental Sciences 4B141, Cottrell Building

Miss Jasmine Rhoades

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About me

I'm an aspiring quantitative ecologist, mostly interested in population modelling. I am currently working towards a PhD at the University of Stirling, funded by NERC IAPETUS.

I have a long-standing interest in how large-scale, interdisciplinary themes fit together to address global issues, which led me to pursue my BSc in Geography and MSc in Geographical Science at the University of Manchester (2010-2014). Here, I gained an interest in human impacts on biodiversity and ecosystems, and the use of species distribution modelling to predict future impacts. Following this, I worked in Environmental Consultancy modelling the air quality impacts of proposed developments to support planning applications (2015-2018). Working in consultancy drove my desire to improve my quantitative skills, leading me to complete a masters degree in Quantitative Methods for Biodiversity, Conservation and Epidemiology at the University of Glasgow (2018-2019). I subsequently began a PhD at the University of Stirling modelling population dynamics in rear edge European beech (2019-2023). I was motivated to do this PhD as it was the perfect blend of stats, population modelling and fieldwork, allowing me to further develop my quantitative skills in a system which was new to me (rear edge forests). Since May 2020, I have also co-organised and established a fortnightly Statistics Discussion Group where we chat all things statistics.

My interests outside of work include ballet, hill-walking, playing video games, reading, and music.


My PhD research is based on improving predictive modelling of population dynamics in rear edge systems, based on rear edge European beech in Catalonia. This will involve investigating how demographic rates vary across gradients of marginality at the population level, exploring how demography at the population-level upscales to affect regional population dynamics, and creating future predictions of population dynamics/spatial distributions under scenarios of climate change.

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Associate Fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (2024).

Demonstrator at University of Stirling:

Statistical Techniques (2024):
Undergraduate statistics course based in jamovi

Statistics Using R (2019 - 2023):
Undergraduate statistics course based in R

Analysis of Environmental Data (2019 - 2023):
MSc statistics course based in R

Geomatics (2020 & 2024): MSc GIS course based in QGIS

Geographical Information Systems (2021 - 2023): Undergraduate GIS course based in QGIS

Dissertation Support (2023): Drop-in support sessions for undergraduate dissertation students