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Mr Neil McDonald

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I am a glaciologist interested in past environmental change, with a strong focus on marine settings. My research examines the presence and removal of ice shelves in the palaeo-record by studying the seafloor sediments and landforms relating to the North-Western sector of the last British-Irish Ice Sheet. By combining geomorphology, sedimentology, geochemistry and micropaleontology my research aims to develop new, refine and combine existing methods for reconstructing ice shelves in the geological record, in order to elucidate the triggers which caused the collapse of an ice shelf in the past.

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Bradwell T, Fabel D, Clark CD, Chiverrell RC, Small D, Smedley RK, Saher MH, Moreton SJ, Dove D, Callard SL, Duller GAT, Medialdea A, Bateman MD, Burke MJ & McDonald N (2021) Pattern, style and timing of British-Irish Ice Sheet advance and retreat over the last 45 000 years: evidence from NW Scotland and the adjacent continental shelf. Journal of Quaternary Science, 36 (5), pp. 871-933.

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