Mr Neil McDonald

Lecturer in Env & Geo Science

Biological and Environmental Sciences Stirling

Mr Neil McDonald

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I am an interdisciplinary geoscientist interested in global change. I specialise in a number of disciplines (geomorphology, geographical information systems, sedimentology, palaeo-ecology and remote sensing). I combine these disciplines to reconstruct past environmental change at a high resolution, in order to better understand present-day climate change.

My current research interests / collaborations include:

Reconstructing ice-sheet dynamics via the geomorphic and sedimentary imprint of past ice sheets (The Minch, NW Scotland)

Palaeo-environmental change and past oceanographic behaviour, NW Scotland (offshore)

Understanding what sediment records can tell us about past environments at ultra-high resolution

Non-destructive analysis and characterisation of Quaternary sediments

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Bradwell T, Fabel D, Clark CD, Chiverrell RC, Small D, Smedley RK, Saher MH, Moreton SJ, Dove D, Callard SL, Duller GAT, Medialdea A, Bateman MD, Burke MJ & McDonald N (2021) Pattern, style and timing of British-Irish Ice Sheet advance and retreat over the last 45 000 years: evidence from NW Scotland and the adjacent continental shelf. Journal of Quaternary Science, 36 (5), pp. 871-933.



I'm a hugely motivated educator specialising in cooperative and skills-based learning in order to engage and support learners for success in higher education and beyond. I teach across all four years at undergraduate level and masters level in the following modules:

GEOU9SP (Geographical Information Systems) SCIU2PS (Practical Science Skills: Field Skills) ENVU2LV (Landscape Evolution) GEOU9GL (Glaciers & Landscape) GEOU4ER (Environmental Resilience) EPLPPG2 (Applications of Remote Sensing) EPLPPG1 Fundamentals of Remote Sensing) ENVU6SP (Sustainable Landscapes) EPLPPG3 (Planetary Exploration)

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