Natural Sciences staff directory

Faculty Executive

Staff list
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Prof Alistair Jump Interim Dean of Faculty 
Dr Clare Wilson Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching
Prof Andrew Tyler  Associate Dean for Research / Deputy Dean of Faculty
Dr Mario Kolberg Associate Dean for Internationalisation
Prof Selina Stead Head of Institute of Aquaculture
Prof Kirsty Park Interim Head of Biological and Environmental Sciences
Dr Kevin Swingler Head of Computing Science and Mathematics
Dr Paul Dudchenko Head of Psychology
Mrs Diane Davidson Faculty Administrator / PA to Dean
Mr James Dick Technical Manager

PhD Alumni

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NamePhD TitleEmail
Dr May Mohamed Amer Remote sensing for the detection of heavy metals on irrigated crops in the Nile delta region, Egypt
Dr Rebecca Barclay Identifying and understanding thresholds of landscape change in sensitive environments  
Dr Sumayia Bashir Tanoli Costly tradeoffs of immune defence  
Dr Amani Becker Redistribution of intertidal sediment contaminants by benthic diatoms
Dr Jeff Collison Disturbance to forest soil resulting from stump harvesting  
Dr Rachael Cooper-Bohannon Using species distribution modelling as a tool for the conservation of cave-dwelling bats in Southern Africa
Dr Anna Doeser Investigating the response of in-channel biota to the hydromorphological modifications of river channels  
Dr Benneth Esiana The Carbon Store of Scottish Urban Soils
Dr Hannah Feltham Factors Influencing Pollination Limitation and Yield
Dr Gillian Flint Landscape effects on the genetic structure and demography of riparian woodlands
Dr Patricia González Diáz Development and maintenance of genetic diversity in Scots pine
Dr Sarah Greenwood Shifting species distributions in a warming world: the rising Taiwan fir (Abies kawakamii) treelines of Taiwan
Dr Caroline Griffin Ecological impacts of beach clearing
Dr Elizabeth Herridge Ornament evolution and offspring investment in female dance flies
Dr Tom Houslay Sexual selection and life history allocation in Gryllodes sigillatus  
Dr Isabel Jones Long-term ecological and carbon storage impacts on tropical forest islands created by a hydroelectric mega dam in the Amazon basin
Dr Melanie Kingsbury Providing continuous environmental reconstruction of the early Holocene climate and landscape in the Scottish North Atlantic Islands through high resolution, quantitative analysis of pollen and diatoms.
Dr Lucinda Kirkpatrick How do silvicultural practices influence bat populations in commercial coniferous plantations?
Dr Laura Kubasiewicz Ecology and conservation management of pine martens in fragmented landscapes  
Dr Alan Law Evaluation of the ecological impacts of beaver reintroduction on Scottish aquatic systems

Dr Paul Lintott Ecology and conservation of urban bats
Dr Danielle MacKenzie Immune senescence in Drosophila  
Dr Claudia Mansilla Andrade Late-glacial/Holocene vegetation history of Fuego-Patagonia, southern South America (53-55°S)
Dr Katie Murray The impact of natural enemies on the invasive harlequin ladybird (Harmonia axyridis) in the UK: testing the ability of parasites to adapt to a novel host
Dr Rosalind Murray Comparative analyses of dance fly sexual selection
Dr Pauline Pantoja Ecological genomics of introduced Mimulus
Dr Tom Parker Environmental change, carbon and nutrient fluxes in arctic and alpine ecosystems
Dr Simon Parkin The Past Ubiquity, Present Invisibility and Future Vulnerability of Scotland’s Earth-Built Heritage
Dr Caitlin Riddick Bio-optical properties and remote sensing of phytoplankton blooms in European lakes
Dr Romuald Rouger Population genetic development during saltmarsh restoration and implications for restoration practice  
Dr Jessica Scriven The ecology and population genetics of a complex of cryptic bumblebee species  
Dr Jennifer Sjölund Interactions between natural and anthropogenic impacts on the genetic diversity and population structure of European beech forests  
Dr Christopher Sneddon Long-term environmental and health implications of morphological change and sediment transport with respect to contaminants
Dr Helena Stewart Peat’s secret archive: reconstructing the North Atlantic storm frequency and volcanic eruption history of the last 10,000 years  
Dr Junyao Sun Multi-scale influence of hydrological and landscape variables on macrophyte richness and composition in UK lakes
Dr Cerian Tatchley Turbine in your backyard- wildlife impacts and public attitudes to small scale turbines  
Dr Fiona Thompson Prediction of morphological adjustment and societal response to channel instability resulting from increased flood frequency in Scotland  
Dr Adam Varley Bridging the capability gap in situ and mobile gamma spectroscopy
Dr Anne Winther The development of sustainable communities in rural Scotland: measures and policies