Miss Celeste Kellock

PhD Researcher

Biological and Environmental Sciences 3B148 Cottrell Building University of Stirling

Miss Celeste Kellock

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About me

I am an environmental biogeochemist, and am broadly interested in carbon transport and sequestration and how this is influenced by humans and climate change.

In 2017 I started a Research Assistant post at the University of Edinburgh working on the NERC funded Changing Arctic Ocean programme and participated in two research cruises: JR16006 in the Barents Sea and JR17005 in the Fram Strait. My main focus was on carbon concentrations and isotopes. I completed my MSc in Environmental Protection and Management at the University of Edinburgh in 2018, and focussed my research on dissolved inorganic carbon cycling in the Arctic Ocean. I then moved to the University of St. Andrews in 2018 to complete a Research Assistant position researching tropical coral chemistry. I specifically investigated; how calcification media chemistry and skeletal organic materials affect aragonite crystallisation and overall biomineralization. I am currently a PhD candidate, funded by NERC Iapetus, working on a ‘Source to Sea’ project: researching the transport of carbon from areas of afforestation/deforestation to coastal waters, and the influence of iron geochemistry on the preservation and sequestration of this carbon.

I have experience and interest in science communication to a variety of audiences.


I am interested in the changing movement and storage of carbon. My current focus is on terrestrial-aquatic interactions and processes. I aim to take an interdisciplinary approach, bringing together; forestry, land use change and management, soil chemistry, iron geochemistry and carbon sequestration.

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Policy Document

Kellock C, Leakey C, Schroeder C, Melville N, Khan J & Mathieson S (2023) Source to Sea - enabling coherent, efficient and synergistic outcomes [NatureScot Research Report 1343]. NatureScot. NatureScot Research Report, 1343. Inverness. https://www.nature.scot/doc/naturescot-research-report-1343-source-sea-enabling-coherent-efficient-and-synergistic-outcomes

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