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£2m water quality project to protect river ecosystems

New research led by the University of Stirling is to explore how pollution and climate change are impacting freshwater ecosystems for the first time.

Photograph of a river surrounding by green grass and mountains

Funding announced for major aquaculture project in Thailand and Vietnam

The University of Stirling has secured major funding to improve the welfare of farmed fish in Thailand and Vietnam, with the aim of enhancing the quality of fish for human consumption.

An image of a loch

New research explains dramatic reduction of ivory trade in Japan

With implications for global wildlife trade, research from the University of Stirling and National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES), Japan has shown how Japan, once the largest consumer country of ivory, stopped being a destination for the product.

Pile of animal tusks for sale in the local shop in market in the Old town of Fenghuang, Hunan Province, China

Collaborative project to educate communities on air quality

Air quality experts from the University of Stirling have launched a new collaborative project to help communities understand how they contribute to air pollution in their local area.

An image of a loch

Moving mussels: new insights into shellfish farming

Researchers have identified how mussel larvae move – giving mussel and other shellfish farmers important insights into where and how to grow them.


First festival of biodiversity for the Forth Valley

The University of Stirling, in conjunction with Scotland’s International Environment Centre (SIEC), will host its first ever Festival of Biodiversity from Friday, 16 to Sunday, 18 September.

Campus loch in flower

Monocultures or mixed species? Surprising research shows how forests cope with drought

Monocultures of some of the UK’s most economically important conifers may be more resilient to spring drought than mixed species forests, new research has shown.

Scots pine forest

How the humble sea cucumber could transform fish farming

Help to solve one of the world’s most pressing dilemmas - how to feed our growing population whilst protecting the planet – may be at hand from a surprising ally – the sea cucumber.

Mediterranean sea cucumber

New sustainable aquaculture investment for Stirling

An ambitious new aquaculture research and innovation facility at the University of Stirling has received a further one million pounds of investment.

Planning image of NATIH

On the ‘elevator to extinction’: arctic-alpine plants endangered in Scottish Highlands

Rare arctic-alpine plants are being driven higher up Scotland’s mountains by climate change and will soon become extinct if we don’t intervene, new research from the University of Stirling has found.

Snow pearlwort