Psychology staff

Contact details for staff
Column one lists names, column two lists roles, column three lists email addresses
Academic Staff    
Dr Paul Dudchenko Associate Professor, Head of Psychology, Director of Research
Prof Hannah Buchanan-Smith Professor
Prof Christine Caldwell Professor, Deputy Head of Psychology
Prof Peter Hancock Professor
Prof Ronan O'Carroll Professor
Prof S Craig Roberts Professor
Dr Vivien Swanson Reader
Dr Stephanie Chan Senior Lecturer 
Dr Elena Gheorghiu Senior Lecturer, UG Chief Examiner
Dr Magdalena Ietswaart Senior Lecturer, Director of Postgraduate Studies
Dr Stephen Langton Senior Lecturer, Director of Learning and Teaching
Dr Lesley McGregor Senior Lecturer
Dr Eva Rafetseder Senior Lecturer
Dr Sarah-Jane Vick Senior Lecturer
Dr Clare Andrews Lecturer
Dr Georgios Argyropoulos Lecturer
Dr Line Caes Lecturer
Dr Eilidh Cage Lecturer 
Dr Elaine Cameron Lecturer 
Dr Rachel Crockett Lecturer
Dr Sinéad Currie Lecturer
Dr Benjamin Dering Lecturer
Dr Pawel Fedurek Lecturer
Dr Kumiko Fukumura Lecturer
Dr William Goodall Lecturer
Joint Course Director (MSc Psychological Therapy in Primary Care)
Dr Ross Goutcher Lecturer
Dr Catherine Grainger Lecturer
Dr Christian Keitel Lecturer
Dr Danielle Kelly Lecturer
Dr Sharon Kessler Lecturer
Dr Dimitrios Kourtis Lecturer 
Dr Jan Kuipers Lecturer
Dr Anthony Lee Lecturer 
Carol MacDonald Teaching Fellow (MSc Psychological Therapy in Primary Care)
Dr Graham MacKenzie Lecturer
Dr Gema Martin-Ordas Lecturer
Dr John Michael Lecturer
Dr Jamie Murray Lecturer
Dr Arran Reader Lecturer
Research Staff    
Dr Anna Bobak Leverhulme Early Career Fellow
Dr Daniel Carragher  Research Assistant 
Dr Megan Donald Research Assistant
Dr Laura Scullion Hall Research Fellow
Dr Wendy Maltinsky Research Fellow/Health Psychologist
Dr Alisa Mandrigin Anniversary Research Fellow

Dr Vicky Mileva Research Assistant
Dr Ailsa Millen Research Fellow
Dr Joanne Park Research Fellow
Dr Pamela Rackow Anniversary Research Fellow 
Dr Amanda Roestorf Post Doctoral Research Assistant 
Dr Laura Scullion Hall Research Fellow
Dr Shi Zhang Post Doctoral Research Assistant
Dr Christian Barrington Research Assistant

Honorary Staff    
Dr William Barnes-Gutteridge Honorary Lecturer
Dr Robin Campbell Honorary Lecturer
Dr Julie Chamber Honorary Research Fellow 
Dr Stephan Dombrowski Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Prof David Donaldson Honorary Professor
Dr Vicki Fishlock Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Peter Griffiths Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Dr Elizabeth Herrelko
Honorary Research Fellow
Prof Phyllis Lee
Emeritus Professor
Prof Ivana Markova Emeritus Professor
Dr Bethan Morgan Honorary Research Fellow
Prof Bill Phillips Emeritus Professor
Prof Kevin Power Honorary Professor
Prof Helen Ross Honorary Professor
Prof Roger Watt FRSE Honorary Professor
Dr Liz Williamson Honorary Senior Research Fellow
Prof Lindsay Wilson Honorary Professor
Support Staff    
Nicola Hunt Health Secretary
Louise Lavery Postgraduate Secretary
Roswitha Lucht Learning and Teaching Administrator
Hazel O'Donnell Learning and Teaching Administrator
Stella Turner Division Administrator
Technical Staff    
Samuel Bennett Technician
Catriona Bruce Technician
Federica Caruso Kindergarten Manager
Sam Gunasinghe Early Years Officer
Stephen Stewart Chief Technician
Sarah Thorburn  Senior Early Years Officer 
Research Students    
Georgia Alexandrou PhD Student
Yvonne Baur PhD Student 
Samuel Bennett PhD Student
Kirsten Blakey PhD Student
Sabrina Brando PhD Student
Deborah Bruce MPhil Student
Laura Carey PhD Student
Lizzie Collins PhD Student 
Sophia Daoudi PhD Student
Lucy Dickinson PhD Student
Juliet Dunstone PhD Student
Faize Eryaman  PhD Student
Kristine Gandia PhD Student
Sebastian Gregersen PhD Student
Judith Jackson PhD Student
Carol Jasper PhD Student

Donna Kean PhD Student

Sarah Kraemer PhD Student

Matthew Logie PhD Student

Gemma Macintosh PhD Student
Courtney McKay PhD Student 
Julie McLellan PhD Student
Jordan Miller PhD Student 
Alexander (Sandy) Martin PhD Student
Magda Mustile  PhD Student
Michail Ntikas PhD Student
Ilaria Pina  PhD Student 
Francesca Singleton PhD Student
Rebecca Skinner PhD Student
Josephine Smit PhD Student
Catriona Snodin PhD Student
Rosyl Somai PhD Student
Hannah Welshman PhD Student
Charlotte Wilks PhD Student
Phyllis Windsor PhD Student