Dr Isla Hodgson

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Biological and Environmental Sciences Stirling

Dr Isla Hodgson

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Originally from Newcastle, I moved up to Scotland to study marine science in 2010. I completed my BSc and MSc at Aberdeen University, specialising in marine mammal behaviour and habitat use, spatial analysis and ecological modelling. I took various breaks in my studies to work as a conservation practitioner in South Africa, working as a guide and on various projects. It was here I was first introduced to conservation conflicts, after assisting the delivery of an Anatolian guard dog scheme to reduce incidences of retaliatory killing of cheetahs by local farmers. On return to the UK my dissertation work was then used as part of a conflict mitigation process to alleviate seal and salmon conflicts in Aberdeenshire. I began my PhD in 2015, looking at conservation conflicts and their management, and graduated in 2018. Following various jobs as a research assistant and consultant, I now work as a postdoctoral researcher on the ConFooBio project with Nils Bunnefeld.

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