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Faculty of Natural Sciences

If you want a career in natural sciences we'll inspire you to be the difference. Our courses are highly-rated for their flexibility, practical training, and student satisfaction. Many are accredited by leading industry bodies.

We pride ourselves not just for our world-class teaching but also for our passion and curiosity about science. Study with us and you'll join a vibrant natural science community with a reputation for exploring new big ideas about technology, the environment, computing and the mind.


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We tackle global problems of sustainable food security through innovative teaching and research.

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Biology and Environmental Sciences

Study critical questions about biology, people and the environment.

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Computing Science and Mathematics

Our accredited degrees offer quality and excellence for your future career.

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Explore mind and behaviour with our awarded-winning degrees and highly acclaimed research.

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Our business

We provide a number of biological, environmental and scientific consultancy services and specialised business services. We also provide a psychology children's playgroup and statistics service.

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World-leading research

From food security to digital economies, our research in natural science tackles global challenges.

What our students said

Papoula Petri Romão
Papoula Petri Romão
BSc (Hons) Psychology
Studying at Stirling has been a defining time in my life. I now know what direction I want to take my career, I have made great friendships and built a strong connection to Scotland.
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Andrew Hepburn
BSc (Hons) Computing Science
I will always have fond memories of Stirling as a place with beautiful surroundings, where I completed a degree in something I loved, met lots of new people, and worked with a great team of teaching and support staff.
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Welcome to the Faculty of Natural Sciences


Monocultures or mixed species? Surprising research shows how forests cope with drought

Monocultures or mixed species? Surprising research shows how forests cope with drought

Monocultures of some of the UK’s most economically important conifers may be more resilient to spring drought than mixed species forests, new research has shown.

How the humble sea cucumber could transform fish farming

How the humble sea cucumber could transform fish farming

Help to solve one of the world’s most pressing dilemmas - how to feed our growing population whilst protecting the planet – may be at hand from a surprising ally – the sea cucumber.

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