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Points of contact for taught programme students

All students should refer to the University of Stirling Code of Practice on Attendance and Engagement. This document sets out expectations with regards to participation and engagement with your studies and also sets out the procedures to be followed when reporting absences.

For students who hold a Tier 4 student visa, the University is obliged to monitor and report on engagement. We need to be confident that all Tier 4 students remain engaged with the programme of study for which we have sponsored them.

For students following taught programmes (undergraduate or postgraduate), the University has the formal points of contact described below. In addition to these, your Faculty will report any concerns about your attendance and participation – for example, if you have failed to submit coursework or if you have missed required classes.

If you miss an expected point of contact or concerns are reported by your Faculty, the University will investigate. If we find that you are not sufficiently engaged with your programme of study, you will be required to withdraw from the University, and we will withdraw sponsorship and report to the Home Office (Visas and Immigration) that you are no longer sponsored by the University. You would then have to leave the UK. Clearly, this is an outcome we all wish to avoid, and it can be avoided by full participation in your academic programme and attendance at the required points of contact.

When you are required to attend a re-registration event, you will receive an email to your University email account inviting you to attend.

Points of Contact for Taught Programme Students

Point of Contact


What does it Involve?



Attend in person with passport and visa; new students receive ID card


Through Autumn semester

As outlined in your Module Descriptor/Module Handbook



Attend examinations (or complete module coursework if no exam)


Throughout Spring

As outlined in your Module Descriptor/Module Handbook



Attend in person with your ID card



Attend examinations (or complete module coursework if no exam)



Attend in person with your ID card (Postgraduate Taught, Undergraduates registered for the summer academic programme only and pre-registration Nursing students)


Throughout Summer semester (postgraduate taught students

Dissertation engagement as detailed in your Module Descriptor/Module Handbook.

There are additional points of contact for those students returning from fieldwork of more than fourteen days duration as they are required to re-register at Student Administration. The dates and frequency of the re-registration events are subject to ongoing review change.

Last updated 8th January 2016

  • Your Immigration Responsibilities Concerning Your Academic Studies:
    • Ensure you complete administrative enrolment and module registration on time when requested by the University.
    • Present/upload your passport and current visa or Biometric Residence Permit when requested by the University.
    • Attend University re-registration events when requested by the University.
    • Attend all mandatory and prescribed classes and submit course work as required (ensuring that you meet the progression and attendance requirements of your programme with no significant gaps or absences).
    • Attend all exams as required.  If you are unable to attend an exam you must notify the Student Immigration Team at within 24 hours.
    • If you miss a compulsory or prescribed class for any reason you should submit an electronic self-certification form, which can be found via the Student Portal. If your absence is due to illness for seven days or longer then you are required to submit a medical certificate. This should be submitted to Student Administration.
    • Notify should you wish to embark on an assessed work placement. You must always comply with the working restrictions as stated on your T4 visa.
    • Gain approval from your Supervisor should you wish to embark on fieldwork during the semester.
    • Gain approval from your Supervisor should you wish to complete your dissertation from your home country.
    • Maintain your UK contact address details via the University Portal.
    • Respond promptly to correspondence from Student Administration
    • Inform Student Administration if you intend to suspend your studies or withdraw from your studies. If you defer or leave your studies you will be required to leave the UK. On returning to your home country you will be required to provide the University with a copy of your flight details as evidence of your departure from the UK.
  • Your Immigration Responsibilities Concerning Your Visa:
    • To ensure that you continue to retain a valid visa by extending or applying for a new visa before your current visa expires and that you provide the University with a copy of any new visa. If your visa expires before your programme ends you should contact the Student Immigration Team.
    • Submit your new visa to Student Administration should you move into a new immigration category.
    • Ensure you do not breach the conditions of your visa: - for example, do not break the rules on working or claiming public funds and make sure you register with the Police, if required, and update your Police Registration Certificate within 7 days of any change to your circumstances.
    • Ensure you do not breach the conditions of your visa by working more than the specified hours as recorded on your visa. Working more hours could have significant negative consequences for future visa applications.
    • You will notify the Home Office should the duration of your studies shorten.
  • Our Responsibilities as Your Tier 4 Sponsor:

    The University has responsibilities and duties under the Points Based System which we are required to comply with in order to retain our Tier 4 Sponsor License and continue to invite international students to study at Stirling.

    Should you break any of your responsibilities then the University is required to report you to the Home Office (UK Visas and Immigration). If you have any significant changes in circumstance, for example, if the length of your programme of study becomes shorter then we are required to notify the Home Office.

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