Field work, annual leave and change of study location

In order to keep our students and staff safe, University buildings are presently closed due to current lockdown restrictions. Therefore, until it is safe to return, it is expected that teaching will continue online. Students are not therefore expected to physically attend class on campus and these arrangements apply to all students who hold a Student visa.

Student visa holders are normally required to seek authority from their supervisor/faculty before undertaking fieldwork, requesting leave, or taking an absence for any other reason. Students previously submitted a form authorising their period of fieldwork or leave.  However, as physical attendance is not required on campus at the moment, you do not need to complete a form if you decide to continue with your studies remotely from a different location. This includes if you return home overseas.

Holders of a Student visa should follow the guidance laid out in the FAQ's on the University website in relation to COVID-19. We also ask that you to do the following:

1. Update your contact/semester address on your Student Portal with the address where you are currently staying and keep this information up to date.

2. Keep your faculty updated of your location and plans.  Discuss any academic issues you may have with them.

3. Check your student email account and respond to all relevant communication you receive from the University.

Please note that this is a temporary change and UK Visas & Immigration are keeping sponsorship arrangements for institutions and students under constant review.  We will update this page as and when the Student visa requirements change and teaching resumes on campus.

If you have any questions regarding the content of this page or in relation to your current visa status, please email the Student Immigration Team.