Thinking about leaving?

Many students run into difficulties at some stage of their degree. You may be feeling that you cannot cope with certain aspects of your degree programme or there may have been changes in your personal circumstances. As a result, you may have started to think about withdrawing from your studies and leaving the University.

However, just because you are expected to be an independent learner, that doesn't mean that you have to handle all of your problems on your own. There are lots of people within the University who can work with you to find solutions and help you progress – you just need to ask.

The people you can contact are:

  • Your personal tutor. Details are on the student portal.
  • The Adviser of Studies for your division.
  • The Student Hub Team – either by visiting us or emailing.

We feel that it's important to try and help you understand the reasons for feeling the way that you do. We are here to help you work out the best solution for you.

Student Support Services and Student Learning Services can help students who may be thinking about leaving the University and they are there to provide help and advice so you don't have to make any big decisions alone.

Alternatively, you can follow the links below to find out more about the processes involved;