The Timetabling, Exams and Graduation Team produces the exam timetable based on individual enrolled students’ registration on examined modules. The Team wait until the student module change deadline has finished before running the student registration to ensure all selections are captured. Using specialist software, the exam timetable is calculated to ensure students don’t experience exam clashes based on their individual modules. 

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Deadlines for examinations arrangements

If you require specific exam arrangements due to a disability, mental health issue or learning difficulty such as dyslexia, you are reminded that you should arrange to see an Accessibility Advisor well before the deadline so there is sufficient time to implement your agreed adjustments. Please do not leave your visit until the week before the advertised date as there may be a high demand for appointments. The Accessibility and Inclusion Service can be contacted via ask@stir.ac.uk or 01786 466022.

Cottrell Exam Venues A Corridor to Logie Lecture Theatre 2B38 2B40 2B42 2B44 2X Corridor 2Y Corridor 2A21 Key Bag Room Exam Room PC Lab Main A & B Corridors 2X14 2Z Corridor 2B46 2B48 2B74 2B76 2A19 2A17 2A15 2A13 2A11 2A9 A1 2U2 2W Corridor 2V Corridor 2U Corridor 2A87 2B39 2B41 2B43 2B45 2X6 2X2 2X4 2A Corridor 2B Corridor 2A Corridor 2B Corridor Lecture Theatre B3 Lecture Theatre B4 Lecture Theatre A4 Lecture Theatre A3 Lecture Theatre A5 Lecture Theatre A6 Lecture Theatre V1 Lecture Theatre W1 2B84 2B85 2B87 2B86 2B88 2W5 2V2 2V3 2A43 2A54 2A73 2A75 2A91 2B147 2B129 2B121 2Y5 2Y8 2Y4 Hub Student 2A1 2A79 2A81 2A58 - 2A74