Teaching timetables

How to view your timetable

Depending on the way your modules are taught, your timetable will be made up of two components. Details of these components are made available to you one month and one week before semester begins.

You may have some large group learning activities, such as interactive lectures, along with some smaller group activities such as workshops or seminars. The large group events are for everyone on your module and form part of the main timetable. All students on the module are expected to attend these sessions. See more details of how to view your timetable.

Depending on the size of your module group, you will be given a choice of times to attend these groups. These sessions may include tutorials, labs, seminars etc. You will have the opportunity to sign up to a time which suits you through Canvas, our Virtual Learning Environment, from a week before semester starts, or when you enrol online if after that date. You must attend the small group session at your chosen time. We recommend you sign up for sessions as soon as possible as they will become full quickly. This guide to Canvas will help you get started.

The combination of both activities, through the main timetable and small group sessions, represent your personal timetable for the coming semester. To see your own timetable you can access it via My Timetable on the University App. It will show both large group teaching sessions on your modules and, once you have registered for small groups, your full personal timetable for the coming semester.

1. My timetable on the University App

The University is piloting My timetable which gives you a personalised timetable of both lectures and tutorial/seminars.  You can access this via the My timetable tile on the University App.  This is a new brand new service that has been developed to enhance your student experience, so if you have any issues or need help you can send us feedback via this UniDesk form.

You can also use the timetable generator on the Student Portal to create your own timetable and check for any clashes.

The timetable grid displayed will show all the live (on campus or online) teaching activities for the modules entered, unless the ‘Only Lectures’ box is checked. Checking this box will display only the lectures for the modules selected.

Details of other learning activities (such as discussion boards or recorded material), which can be undertaken at a time to suit you, will be provided in Canvas.

2. Sign up for teaching activities

For large modules where more than one seminar/computer lab/practical/workshop group is available, you will have the opportunity to register for the group that suits you when Canvas opens. It is not guaranteed you will be able to sign up for the group you want due to capacity, so make sure to have some back-up options and register promptly.

3. On campus teaching

Please arrive promptly for face-to-face teaching taking place on campus, to allow you time to prepare your work station and register your attendance in the teaching room by scanning the QR code located in the room, with your smartphone. 

The venue for your face-to-face teaching is detailed after the module code on your timetable. Maps and floorplans are available to help you locate your teaching room.

4. Online teaching

If any of your teaching is being delivered online this will be denoted as ‘Virtual’ on your timetable.

Timetabling frequently asked questions

If you have any questions about your timetable please see our Timetable FAQs.

Week information

On your timetable you will see a week number which corresponds to a week in the Autumn semester. See below for the dates:

Undergraduate Autumn Semester 2021

Week 1 13 September - 17 September
Week 2 20 September - 14 September
Week 3 27 September- 1 October
Week 4 4 October- 8 October
Week 5 11 October- 15 October
Week 6 18 October- 22 October
Week 7 25 October– 29 October (mid semester reading week)
Week 8 1 November – 5 November
Week 9 8 November – 12 November
Week 10 15 November – 19 November
Week 11 22 November – 26 November
Week 12 29 November – 3 December

Postgraduate Autumn Semester 2021

Week 1

27 September  – 1 October  

Week 2

4 October –8 October

Week 3

11 October – 15 October

Week 4

18 October – 22 October

Week 5

25 October – 29 October

Week 6

1 November – 5 November (mid semester reading week)

Week 7

8 November – 12 November

Week 8

15 November – 19 November

Week 9

22 November – 26 November

Week 10

29 November – 3 December

Week 11

6 December – 10 December

Spring Semester 2022

Week 1 24 January - 28 January
Week 2 31 January - 4 February
Week 3 7 February - 11 February
Week 4 14 February - 18 February
Week 5 21 February - 25 February
Week 6 28 February - 4 March (mid-semester reading week)
Week 7 7 March - 11 March
Week 8 14 March - 18 March
Week 9 21 March - 25 March
Week 10 28 March - 1 April
Week 11 4 April - 8 April (postgraduate teaching ends on 8 April)
Week 12 11 April - 14 April (no teaching on Good Friday 15 April)
Week 13 19 April (teaching that would have been scheduled on Good Friday only)