Requesting CAS extension

The University expects you to complete your course according to the date provided in your original CAS. If you are approved to have more time to complete your studies and are unable to complete within the validity of your visa, you will normally be expected to return home either to complete from overseas or to make a new application to return to the UK. In most cases you would be expected to return to the UK on a short term student visa.

Taught students who have to repeat modules or examinations can apply for a new CAS and are usually able to extend their student visa in the UK.

You will need a Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) number before you can apply for a visa extension under the student visa category.

You should request your CAS at least one month and not more than three months before your visa expires. When applying to extend your visa you must show that you have held the required money for a consecutive 28 day period (finishing on the date of the closing balance) ending no more than 31 days before your application. If you have not already done so you should make sure you deposit the required amount of money into your bank account/s.

If you are in the second semester of study or beyond, the CAS number should be requested from the Student Immigration Team.

Please complete the CAS Request Form and return it to the mailbox, along with a copy of the photograph page in your passport. You should also send a copy of your bank statement showing available funds to support your visa application.

You can also upload this form on the Document Uploader on your portal homepage.

Once we have received your request –

  • we will gather the information necessary, including information about your fees
  • we will forward the details to the Home office (UK Visas and Immigration)
  • if a CAS can be assigned we will send you an e-mail with your unique CAS number and details of the information sent to the Home Office (UK Visas and Immigration)
  • you must ensure that the information sent to Home Office (UK Visas and Immigration) is current and correct
  • The Home Office (UK Visas and Immigration) will check that the CAS information exactly matches the evidence you provide for the visa application.

As soon as you receive the new visa, you MUST provide us with a scanned, colour copy of the document. The University is required to retain a copy of this document.You may also be asked to bring the original document/s into the Student Hub. 

Please contact if you have any questions about requesting a CAS for an extension to your visa.