Enrolment for new students

The University's Welcome webpages provide lots of useful guidance for all new students, including enrolment information:

Enrolment for continuing students

All students are required to undertake Administrative Enrolment annually around the anniversary of your first matriculation and you must complete the process before you are permitted to continue with your studies. Students billed on a semester basis will be required to enrol each semester. Should you change your mode of attendance within the academic session, you will need to enrol again under your new mode of attendance.

Research students are also required to re-enrol when they commence their thesis writing up period.

Step one: module registration for taught students

You need to be registered for your modules prior to online enrolment opening. To register for your modules, you should log onto your portal and click on the link for Module Registration and follow the instructions. If this link does not appear on your screen, please email Enrolment (enrolment@stir.ac.uk) advising your module selections. If you need advice on your programme of study, please contact the appropriate Faculty Advisers.

Once you are registered for your modules you can enrol by following the Administrative Enrolment link on your portal page. This will be flagged with 'Enrol Now' displayed in red font beside a link headed Administrative Enrolment. If you require support with the enrolment process, staff will be available in the Student Hub for assistance.

Step two: online enrolment

In order to enrol as a student of the University, it is essential you complete Online Enrolment.

To complete the enrolment process, you should log onto the Student Portal. Click on the link for Online Enrolment - Enrol Now - and follow the step-by-step instructions.

At the start of the enrolment process you will be asked to confirm some information we hold about you, or enter this information if it was not supplied in your application.

Step three: payment of fees

You will then be presented with the option of paying your tuition fees online, if we do not already hold your sponsor information. If you are being sponsored you can supply this information as part of online enrolment, but this may delay your enrolment by 24 hours (or longer at the weekend) and you will not be able to complete the process until these updates have been completed.

Once you have completed the tuition fees page please click the continue button to complete the enrolment process. Once completed an email will be sent to your student email account to confirm your enrolment status.

Payment of Fees - Self Funded Students

I am responsible for paying my tuition fees:

You can choose to make an online payment and an instalment plan may be available to you or you can choose to pay by other methods.  Information on both options is detailed on the tuition fees payment methods page.

Withdrawal from the University after Enrolment – Financial Implications

For any enquiry regarding fee payments or refunds for payments made please contact the Income Office (income.office@stir.ac.uk).  For any enquiry regarding your fee amount please contact the Tuition Fees Team (tuitionfees@stir.ac.uk).

Step Four: Student visa Only - Passport and Visa Information

Returning students in receipt of a Student Visa should notify the Student Immigration Team only if there have been changes to your passport and/or visa since you last completed the online enrolment process. Email: internationaladvisor@stir.ac.uk

Contact us

If you have any technical problems such as forgotten passwords or the link failing to appear, you should contact the Information Centre at askIT@stir.ac.uk.

If you have any other problems completing the online enrolment process you should contact ask@stir.ac.uk.

Further information