Short term study visit

This information is for students returning to Stirling to repeat modules, submit coursework, or complete their studies

If your study period is less than six months (for example if you are returning for one semester only) then the University may recommend that you re-enter the UK as a ‘Short term student’. However, if you have already been issued with a ‘Short term student’ visa in the last 12 months then you should contact the Student Immigration Team before applying for your visa.

You must apply for a ‘Short term student’ visa in your home country. Short term students are normally permitted to enter the UK for up to six months, and are not permitted to work or to extend their stay beyond six months.

When applying as a short term student you should follow these procedures:

  • Check if you need to apply for a visa before travelling check-uk-visa
  • If you need a visa, follow the advice on the Home Office web site about applying for a short term student visa: short term student - apply
  • If you don’t need a visa, then you can travel to the UK and seek permission to enter at the port of entry (the airport). You should carry with you:
  • An enrolment letter from the University of Stirling.
  • Evidence of your funding. This could be bank statements from your accounts or your parents’ accounts, confirmation of government or private loan funding, or other financial documents to show that you can support yourself in the UK without working.

Do not enter the UK via the e-Gates at the airport.  If you do so, you will not be entering as a student and this will impact heavily on your studies as you will be limited to 30 days study as a "General Visitor".  If you have already entered via the e-Gates and have not alerted the Student Immigration Team about this, please contact us immediately.  

When you arrive in the UK it is very important that you explain to the Immigration Officer why you are coming to the UK so that they classify you as a “Short term student” instead of a “General Visitor.”

If you have any questions about applying for entry under this category please contact the Student Immigration Team