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Police registration

‌‌Do I need to register with the police?

Students who are required to register with the police will receive communication (either a letter or an email) along with their visa/BRP confirming if they should register with Police Scotland. Please check all of your documents carefully and register if required.

Police Scotland have advised the university that students should complete Police Registration at designated events on campus and therefore do not need to register within 7 days of arrival as quoted by UKVI.  The Student Immigration Team will advise event details as and when they are confirmed with Police Scotland.

What do I need to register with the police?

You will need: 

  • 2 passport size photos

  • A certificate of enrolment with your course details AND local address – a certificate of enrolment will be available AFTER you have completed enrolment from the Student Hub in 2A1 Cottrell

  • A photocopy of the photo page from your passport

  • A photocopy of your current visa (in most cases this is the BRP card you collected from the post office on arrival to the UK but it should be the visa that covers the duration of your studies)

  • A photocopy of the visa you were issued to travel into the UK with (usually valid for approx. 1 month)

  • £34 in cash (please note credit/debit cards are not accepted)

  • A completed Police Registration Form - also available from the Student Hub and the document holder just outside 2Z Cottrell.

How do I submit my application?

  • You can register at Police Registration events on campus during October and November. Please check your University email account regularly for updates and details of each event. You should take all required documents, the completed application and £34. Your passport will be stamped and you will be given a receipt, which you should keep safe.

What happens next?

  • Police Scotland will process your application and produce your Police Registration certificate.  When the certificate is ready you will be contacted via your student email account with collection details.  To collect your certificate you will need your passport and the receipt.

Change of Circumstances

If you already have a Police Registration Certificate then you must also report any changes (course, visa, address etc) to Police Scotland using the Police Registration - Changes form. You can report changes only at Police Scotland HQ in Stirling at Randolphfield, St Ninians Street, FK8 2HD.

Please only attend the weekends or after 5pm during the week. In addition, students are advised not to attend the station in large groups.

If you require further information about registering or advising of changes you can do this by e-mailing or calling 0131 311 3365.

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