ATAS (the Academic Technology Approval Scheme) is a scheme by which the UK government screens students from outside of the European Union who may, through studies in engineering, science or technology, have access to information and technology which could be used to develop weapons of mass destruction. All non EU students who intend to study a relevant course must obtain an ATAS certificate before enrolling on the programme.

You will need to apply for an ATAS clearance certificate before applying for a student visa if you plan to undertake postgraduate research in some science or technology disciplines. If you will be studying on another type of visa you must apply for an ATAS certificate before starting the course.

All subject areas studied at UK Higher Education Institutions are identified by CAH3 code. The University will provide you with a CAH3 code and confirm whether you require an ATAS certificate at the admission stage.

You will need to complete and submit a form online through the ATAS website. You will need to apply for your ATAS certificate before applying for your visa or extension of stay, allowing at least four weeks (20 working days) in order to obtain it.

You should submit your ATAS clearance certificate with your visa application.

The Foreign and Commonwealth Office will send the University a copy of your ATAS certificate. As there is a Home Office (UK Visas and Immigration) requirement for institutions to hold a copy of the ATAS certificate, this will be held electronically against your central student record and maintained by the Student Immigration Team.

If your programme of study or your focus of research has changed, you should consult with the Student Immigration Team as there may be implications for your visa. You may have to obtain a new ATAS certificate.

If you have to extend your  Student visa to complete a programme of study which is subject to ATAS clearance then you will have to obtain a new ATAS certificate. You should complete a CAS request form which should be submitted to the Student Immigration Team via the Student Hub. You will not be able to apply for your visa until you have received your ATAS clearance certificate.

If you have any questions please contact the Student Immigration Team at