Certificates and transcripts

Please note that due to the COVID-19 outbreak, staff are currently working remotely and as a result there will not be full availability of all of these services.  Please search the online shop for further information relating to the specific service that you require.

Official Academic Transcript

An official document from the University confirming modules, grades and award.

Current students can request an official transcript but should note that they have access to download an unofficial copy of their academic history details via the Portal. Students are issued with a final transcript without charge when they complete their period of study at the University, subject to fulfilling all academic and administrative requirements.

Requesting a Transcript

All students/former students may purchase an official transcripts of their academic performance via the University on-line shop with the following exceptions:

Postgraduate students who left University prior to September 2003 - with the exception of postgraduate taught programmes in Information Technology, grades are not held centrally for postgraduate taught students who left University prior to September 2003. Therefore you should email ask@stir.ac.uk before purchasing your transcript online so that we check what module and grade information we still hold.

Research students - transcripts are only issued where a research student was registered for modules.

Enhanced Transcript (from June 2015)

The University is currently exploring the future development of the transcripts we provide to our students, and the level and type of information that is included on these documents.  Since many of our students participate in range of activities alongside their studies, we consider there to be potential value in detailing achievements that are additional to the core programme. Although we are at an early stage of development with this work, there is an opportunity for some extra-curricular achievements and activities to also be presented on the transcript.

From June 2015 the University will be able to include the following student activities and achievements within the transcript:

  • President, Secretary and Treasurer leadership roles held within the Student Union, Student Union clubs and Sports Clubs*
  • Sabbatical positions of Student Union President, Sports Union President, Trustee, Vice President – Activities and Development, Vice President – Education and Engagement
  • Academic prizes and awards won during the course of studies*
  • Awards achieved through completion of the University of Stirling Student Leadership Programme/Students’ Active and Innovative Leadership Programme*
  • The role of Course Representative held from the 2014/15 academic session
  • The role of School/Faculty Officer held from the 2013/14 academic session
  • Recipient of International Sports Scholarships*
  • My Stirling Award (from October 2016)**
  • USAC Study Abroad Programme (from Summer 2014/5)

*For the 2011/12, 2012/13, 2013/14 and 2014/15 academic sessions. The 2015/16 information is still being collated and the Students’ Active and Innovative Leadership Programme did not run in this academic year.

**Careers and Employability Service will provide Academic Registry with the details of those who have successfully completed the My Stirling Award for inclusion on the transcript. If this achievement is not included on your transcript then please contact skillsaward@stir.ac.uk

If you would prefer that any of the above-noted achievements do not appear on your transcript, please let us know via email at ask@stir.ac.uk.

Updating Name Details for Award Certification Documents

Please note that the name that will appear on your award certificate will be the official name currently held on the student record system and as detailed on your Academic History page on the Portal.  During the graduation registration process students will be asked to confirm their name as held is correct.  Missing middle names, or abbreviated names or nicknames will appear or be missing on your award documentation depending on the name you used when you enrolled.

After official award confirmation

Once your academic award has been confirmed by the University the name on the award documentation cannot be changed (unless the reason for the name change is considered exceptional, such as related to a gender re-assignment / witness protection or another exceptional situation where a student may face a risk to personal safety as a result of reference to their former name) because it could lead to your award documentation being unverifiable.

If you change your name by deed poll, or following a marriage or divorce, award documentation will not be re-issued to recognise this.

If you have any questions regarding your award documentation please contact ask@stir.ac.uk.

Marking and Grading Scheme Information

Information on the current marking scheme can be found here.

Click for current Undergraduate Grading Scheme.

Click for current Postgraduate Grading Scheme.

The European Credit and Transfer System (ECTS)

The European Credit and Transfer System (ECTS) is the European framework designed to facilitate the transfer of credit between courses for students who choose to study at more than one European University, including exchange students. The ECTS defines credit slightly differently to the SCQF system as one year of study equates to 60 ECTS credit points. The University of Stirling credit values are translated into ECTS credits by dividing the Stirling Credit by two, for example: Undergraduate Programme Module 20 Stirling Credits = 10 ECTS credits.

The University of Stirling does not convert or translate its grades to reflect the requirements of a particular country or institution. For information that may be of use to students requiring this please see the NARIC website.

How do I purchase a replacement transcript?

Replacement academic transcripts, degree certificates and letters of award can be purchased via the University online shop.