Contact Point Events

Contact Point events (previously called Tier 4 Re-registration)

To ensure the University meets the UK (Visas and Immigration) statutory requirements as a sponsor of international students and our responsibilities in accordance with our Sponsor status, students are required to attend Contact Point events when requested.

Due to the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, there will be no Contact Point events for the forseeable future. The Student Immigration Team will contact you by email when these events are reinstated or if an alternative is developed.

The Contact Points are normally held around mid-Spring semester for all taught students with a student (formerly Tier 4) visa and early in July for those undertaking a summer module or dissertation.  The next scheduled event will appear below once the details are finalised.

The Contact Points for students operate in tandem with the existing attendance and engagement monitoring processes.

The Next Contact Point Event

The next Contact Point event for taught students will be held on:

  • to be decided

All students required to attend will receive an email to their student email account.  If you are invited to the event, please attend.  If you are unable to make either date for good reason, please alert the Student Immigration Team.

The process should be quick but please remember that this is an official check-in with the university's Student Immigration Team who require to physically meet with you.  

You must bring your University of Stirling ID Card (attendance will not be confirmed without a card).

If you do not attend you will be deemed to be 'not in attendance' and we will contact your Faculty to investigate your non-attendance.

Those students identified as 'not in attendance' will be formally withdrawn from their studies. The University will report to the UK (Visas and Immigration) that the student has discontinued their studies and that the University ceases to sponsor the student’s Tier 4 visa. As such the Tier 4 visa is invalidated and the student will be told that they are no longer entitled to remain in the UK.

If you cannot attend in person due to a valid reason which includes: illness; placement; on year abroad; or any other reason connected to your studies, you must email to inform the University of your absence and inability to attend in person. In the case of illness you must provide a copy of a medical certificate. Your email will be considered and you will receive a response in writing.

If you are a research student on fieldwork then you will need to complete the Application to Apply for Fieldwork and Other Leave‌ form which should be emailed to

If you are a postgraduate taught student who has returned home early to complete your studies and you are not returning to the UK then you must have sought permission from your School before leaving. You should contact for advice.

Reasons other than that outlined above are not regarded as valid reasons for non-attendance.