Dr Ross Goutcher


Psychology University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

Dr Ross Goutcher

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About me

My research interests lie in understanding human perception and the perceptual processes involved in decision-making. In particular, I am interested in 3D vision, multisensory perception and action-planning.I completed my first degree in Psychology at the University of Glasgow in 2000, before obtaining an MPhil from the University of Newcastle in 2002 and a PhD from the University of Glasgow in 2005. I have held post-doctoral positions at Glasgow Caledonian University, investigating the perception of second-order motion, and the University of St Andrews, working on statistical approaches to depth perception and stereoscopic vision. From 2006 until 2011 I held an RCUK Academic Fellowship here in Stirling, where my research concentrated on cyclopean surface perception.I am always happy to talk to prospective students. If you are interested in working in my lab, or wish to apply for postgraduate study under my supervision please get in touch.