Dr Aysha Motala

Lecturer in Psychology

Psychology Stirling

Dr Aysha Motala

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The ability to process and perceive time is fundamental for existence. In emphasising its importance for survival, it is known that almost all plants and animals – even unicellulars, have been documented to express biological rhythms. Hitherto, my research has focused on using psychophysics and behavioural experiments to investigate sensory time perception and specifically, whether this is a centralised or distributed feature. A broader overview of my research focuses on questions such as, how do human brains process time? What about the contribution of timing information coming in from different senses (for example, vision and audition), and how we maintain a unified percept of the world? More recently, I am using neuroimaging methods (fMRI) with spoken, naturalistic narratives to explore how listeners overcome the auditory challenges presented in real-world scenarios. I am also interested in how mental imagery impacts these abilities and how these abilities change throughout our lifespan.

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