Extenuating circumstances

The Extenuating Circumstances Sub-Board meets throughout the year to consider individual students formal requests for extenuating circumstances.  Before applying to have your case considered you should note that this should be considered as a last resort.

If your circumstances are:·        

  • causing you to struggle with your coursework, extensions should be requested.
  • likely to interfere with your exam performance, you should apply for a deferral.
  • likely to affect your work for most of the semester then you should consider taking a leave of absence.

Consideration of extenuating circumstances by the Sub-Board is usually restricted to cases where the above options were not possible and can only be made for assessments that have been completed.  Marks will not be adjusted where students have already had their circumstances taken into account in the form of either extensions or deferrals, or an Agreed Record of University Accessibility Adjustments (ARUAA).

The Board’s authority to alter module outcomes is very restricted.  Marks can only be adjusted by changing the weighting for assessed components (assignments, class tests, exams etc.) and only when it is clear that the circumstances in question have caused the student to obtain marks that are demonstrably lower than their typical level of achievement.  To this end, any evidence provided to the Sub-Board must be sufficiently specific with regard to the dates of the circumstances, such that it is possible to identify which assessment component is subject to the consideration for extenuating circumstances adjustment.

If the marks obtained during the period of extenuating circumstances are within the student’s established range of performance, there will be no change in the overall module mark.  Likewise, if the marks obtained during the period of extenuating circumstances are higher than the student’s established range of performance, there will be no detriment to the overall module mark.


Please complete the Extenuating Circumstances Request Form if you believe that you meet the criteria to have your module mark reviewed, and potentially adjusted, by the Board.

We expect those applying to explain why extensions and/or deferrals were not appropriate. Evidence of your circumstances must be submitted with your request form.

Decisions from the Extenuating Circumstances Sub-Board are anonymised and passed to the module/award board.