Exam timetables

Spring 2021 exams timetables

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 (coronavirus) pandemic there will be no on campus examinations during the Spring 2021 and Autumn 2020 exam diets.  On campus examinations have been replaced with either online examinations accessed remotely or by an alternative assessment.

Please see the following timetables for exams for our undergraduate, postgraduate and our overseas partners programmes

Spring 2021


Final Spring 2021 Undergraduate 

Final Spring 2021 Undergraduate - Amity

Final Spring 2021 Postgraduate

Final Spring 2021 Undergraduate - Core


Final Spring 2021 Undergraduate - Muscat


Final Spring 2021 Undergraduate - SIM

Autumn 2020 Resit  
Final Autumn 2020 Undergraduate Resit Final Autumn 2020 Undergraduate Resit - Core
  Final Autumn 2020 Undergraduate Resit- Muscat
  Final Autumn 2020 Undergraduate Resit - SIM

Examination Dates 2020/2021

Exam dates for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students

Autumn UG Diet
Wednesday 9 December - Friday 18 December 2020

Autumn PG Diet
Monday 11 January - Friday 15 January 2021

Autumn UG Resit/Deferred
Monday 17 May - Friday 21 May 2021

Spring PG Diet
Thursday 22 April - Wednesday 28 April 2021

Spring UG Diet
Monday 26 April - Friday 14 May 2021
Summer PG Diet
Thursday 15 July - Wednesday 21 July 2021
Spring UG Resit/Deferred
Thursday 24 June - Tuesday 29 June 2021
Autumn, Spring and Summer PG Resit/Deferred
Tuesday 17 August - Friday 20 August 2021 *(To be confirmed)



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