Exam timetables

Autumn 2022 exam timetables

The majority of examinations have been replaced with either online examinations accessed remotely or by an alternative assessment, however there are some on campus exams.  Please consult the final exam timetable below for dates, times, and whether your exam is remote or in person.  If your exam is in person we will aim to contact you in the week commencing Monday 28 November to detail your venue and seat.

Autumn 2022 Undergraduate Timetable 
Autumn 2022 UG - Stirling Autumn 2022 UG - Muscat
  Autumn 2022 UG - Planet One
  Autumn 2022 UG - SIM


Autumn 2022 Postgraduate Timetable 
Autumn 2022 PG - Stirling Autumn 2022 PG - Planet One


IT Support During an Exam Diet

Should you require IT help then please contact the Information Centre by the LiveChat function on the Portal or via emailing information.centre@stir.ac.uk.

In partnership with Norman Managed Services we are now able to offer Library and IT enquiries 24/7 via LiveChat and email. When you email the Information Centre out of hours you will get an email back, but the email address will be a little different from the normal Information Centre email address. You will be emailed from the address Information Centre at Stirling s75.servicedesk@normanmanagedservices.ac.uk.

Bookable Desk

If you are due to sit a digital examination remotely and don’t have a suitable space to take it or would prefer to make use of University space, you can book an exam space online via Resource Booker (click on the Book a Desk for Exams button).  Your booking will be confirmed by email and a specific desk will be allocated for you. 

For exams in the Autumn examination date spaces are bookable on a first come first served basis, for the following venues in the Cottrell building:

C.4B108– This is a classroom so you will be responsible for bringing your laptop and necessary equipment with you for your exam.

C. 2B41  - This is a PC lab so no requirement for you to bring your own laptop

The venues are open between 08:00 and 6:00pm Monday to Friday.   

Examination Dates 2022/2023

Exam dates for undergraduate and postgraduate students

Autumn UG Diet
Wednesday 7 December - Friday 16 December 2022

Autumn PG Diet
Monday 9 January - Friday 13 January 2023

Autumn UG Resit/Deferred
Monday 15 May - Friday 19 May 2023

Autumn PG Resit/Deferred
Monday 15 May - Friday 19 May 2023

Spring UG Diet
Monday 24 April - Friday 12 May 2023

Spring PG Diet
Thursday 20 April - Thursday 27 April 2023

Spring UG Resit/Deferred
Monday 19 June - Monday 26 June 2023
Spring PG Resit/Deferred
Monday 19 June - Monday 26 June 2023 
  Summer PG Diet
Monday 10 July - Monday 17 July 2023
  Summer PG Resit/Deferred
Tuesday 22 August - Tuesday 29 August 2023


Do you have feedback for us? Then please send it to ask@stir.ac.uk. We appreciate any feedback to help us continue to improve our services. If you would prefer to have your feedback remain anonymous then please relay your thoughts via the Student Union or your Module Representative.