Information for candidates

We want your exams to go as smoothly as possible so we have created a Student Guide to Examinations, which you should read carefully before undertaking any exams.

Map of exam venues

Religious observance during an exam?

Examinations occur throughout the year, and can take place Monday to Saturday. The University recognises that the examination timetable might clash with religious observance.

University exam diets are published in advance on the University website. You should alert Academic Registry to any dates that your religious observance might clash with University exams. You can do this by completing the ‘Religious Observance Form’ and submitting to before the advertised deadlines.

Though the University will consider your request constraints placed on the timetable might make this impossible given the logistics of scheduling a very large numbers of examinations involving hundreds of students within a limited examination period. Where clashes with religious observances have been unavoidable you should contact your religious leader to obtain a special dispensation in order to attend your exam. If dispensation is not authorised by your religious leader then you should submit proof of religious observance requirements e.g. a letter on headed paper from your place of worship in order to support your application to defer your exam.

What if my exam is scheduled during Ramadan?

The University does not deem the event of Ramadan to be a legitimate extenuating circumstance or reason for claiming extenuating circumstances for exams unless fasting significantly affects your health and/or you have a medical condition which may impair your performance or prevent you from attending an examination. In such cases you will need to provide documentary evidence to support your claim for extenuating circumstances to be submitted to the Faculty Examination Board.