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Withdrawal of studies

During your studies there may be a time when you consider withdrawing from the University. The reasons why this might happen will vary, but often relate to financial, family issues, health or to academic problems and difficulties. At these times withdrawing from study might seem the only option available to you. The University is concerned for the welfare of its students, and if you do have particular difficulties or problems which are affecting your study and causing you to consider withdrawal from the University, then we suggest that you speak with a staff member before making the decision to withdraw.

If your programme of study is not what you expected, then it may be possible to change to another programme although in some cases you may need a break in study to rejoin your new programme at an appropriate point. Staff within Student Programmes will be able to advise you.

Advice before you withdraw from your studies

You may have felt low and unenthusiastic about your studies for some time and have now fallen behind with assessments. If you are struggling with your studies talk to a member of your School’s advising team or to Student Development and Support. If you are on a research programme then we suggest that you speak with your supervisor or Division’s Research Postgraduate Tutor before making the decision to withdraw. You are also welcome to contact Student Programmes or the Institute for Advanced Studies for advice.

The University has a wealth of trained and experienced staff who can provide you with guidance. Please see the ‘Thinking About Leaving' University section for a full list of contact details.

There is an alternative to withdrawing. It may be that with additional support or by obtaining a break from your studies, a leave of absence, you might be able to keep your academic career on track.

If, having carefully considered all the other options, you have decided to go ahead and withdraw, you will need to make sure that you organize your withdrawal as efficiently as possible. You will want to ensure that your academic record reflects your decision accurately. If you do not withdraw formally, you may find that you are eventually recorded as having been withdrawn for reason of academic failure because you did not submit assessments or attend exams. This may cause you problems in the future if you wanted to apply elsewhere or submit your transcript of studies to an employer.

In order to ensure that your record is updated correctly you need to make sure that you have followed the relevant withdrawal procedure. You must complete the student withdrawal ‌form immediately‌. This form should be either submitted to or emailed from your University email account to Student Programmes. You are also required to return your ID card to the Student Services Hub, based in 2A1 Cottrell Building.

If you have any questions regarding your student record please contact Student Programmes.

More specific information on what will/should happen if you withdraw from studies can be accessed via the links below:

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