Student Support Services

University is about finding your own way – but that doesn’t mean you have to go it alone. At the University of Stirling, we offer an extensive range of support services to help you fulfil your potential and make the most of your time studying with us. Whether you feel like you’re thriving or in need of a helping hand, our dedicated student support team is here to listen, offer guidance and point you in the right direction at every turn. Explore our specialist services below and get in touch to find out more about the wealth of support available to you.

Mental health, wellbeing and counselling services

Professional advice, mental health support and counselling services.

Money support

Apply for discretionary and assistance funds and get budgeting advice.

Accessibility and Inclusion

Supporting additional needs for learning. Find out how we can help.


Offering guidance for students of all faiths and none.

Gender based and sexual violence

Preventing and tackling sexual violence together.

If you think you have been spiked

Advice and support are available.

Free period products

How to access free period products on campus

LGBT+ student support contacts

This service has been created to provide tailored support for students who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual or trans.

Estranged students and student carers

Find out what support is available for you.

Care experienced students

The University has developed a holistic support package for care experienced students.

Supporting staff to support students

If you're a member of staff, visit our dedicated staff pages to find everything you need to know about how you can provide initial support for students.

Bullying and harassment

Find out how we tackle and prevent bullying and harassment, and offer support to those affected.

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Contact us

See details of how to get here, when we're open and who to contact.

Contact student support services


Our tagline is 'just ask'. That’s what we want students to do – just ask for help. Start the conversation with our friendly frontline team, and they’ll work in partnership with them to identify the best type of support to help them achieve their potential.

Jill Stevenson, Head of Student Support Services

Get in touch

For general enquiries please use the contact details below. In the event of an emergency, call 7999 (on an internal phone) or 01786 467999 (from a mobile phone) to be connected to University Security. Or call 999 if off-campus to be connected to emergency services.

Get details of the out of hours and emergency support available.

Confidentiality and Data Sharing

We respect the privacy of everyone who uses our Support Services. Take a closer look at our full documentation on Confidentiality and Data Sharing.

Read our Student Emergency and Crisis guidance

Follow our guidance if you are in crisis or facing an emergency situation.

More Information for current students

Helpful information about coping with exam pressure, settling into university life and more for current University of Stirling students. 

Study abroad and exchange

Information about coming to Stirling to study or going abroad to study.