Institute of Aquaculture staff directory

Staff contact details

Column one lists names, column two lists roles, column three provides email addresses

Name Role Email
Head of Institute of Aquaculture
Professor Simon MacKenzie Evolution of immunity in aquatic organisms
Deputy Head of Institute of Aquaculture
Professor Dave Little Aquatic Resource Development
Professor James Bron Aquatic parasitology
Professor Mags Crumlish Aquatic microbiology
Professor Dave Little Aquatic Resource Development
Professor Simon MacKenzie Evolution of immunity in aquatic organisms
Professor Trevor Telfer  Aquaculture Environmental Interactions
Professor James Turnbull Aquatic animal health and welfare
Associate Professor
Associate Professor Monica Betancor Aquaculture Nutrition 
Associate Professor Sonia Rey Planellas Aquaculture Environment and Animal Welfare
Emeritus and Honorary Professors
Professor Brian Austin Emeritus Professor 
Professor Gordon Bell Emeritus Professor  
Professor Hugh Ferguson Emeritus Professor 
Professor Stephen George Emeritus Professor 
Professor Brett Glencross Honorary Professor
Professor Brendan McAndrew Emeritus Professor 
Professor Herve Migaud Honorary Professor
Professor Randolph Richards Emeritus Professor  
Professor Lindsay Ross Emeritus Professor 
Professor Christina Sommerville Emeritus Professor 
Professor Douglas Tocher Emeritus Professor
Senior Lecturers
Dr Amaya Albalat Aquatic animal physiology and proteomics
Dr Michael Bekaert Computational biology
Dr Andrew Desbois Aquaculture microbiology
Dr Darren Green Aquatic health modelling
Dr Armin Sturm Parasite control and management of treatment resistance
Dr Susan Fitzer Aquaculture and Ocean Acidification
Dr Almas Gheyas Aquaculture Production Science
Dr Alejandro  Gutierrez Aquaculture Genomics 
Irene Molto Martin Teaching Assistant
Dr Sean Monaghan Aquaculture
Dr Amina Moss Aquaculture Nutrition
Dr Matthew Sprague Aquaculture Nutrition
Research Staff
Niall Auchinachie Knowledge Transfer Associate 
Dr Kerry Bartie Post Doctoral Research Assistant 
Dr Jenny Bouwsema Research Fellow
Dr Adam Brooker Research Fellow 
Dr Richard Broughton Post Doctoral Research Fellow 
Mausam Budhatoki ITN Early Stage Researcher
Dr Benjamin Clokie Research Fellow 
Maureen Ann Ellis Research Fellow 
Dr Lynne Falconer Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Arthair Gordon Knowledge Transfer Associate 
Dr Daniel Gonzalez Silvera Research Assistant 
Dr Lisa Harrison Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr Daniel Horton Research Assistant
Dr Panagiotis Kokkinias Post Doctoral Research Assistant
Amalia Kruprandan ITN Early Stage Researcher
Dr Michael McGowan Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Dr Stuart McMillan Post Doctoral Research Assistant 
Dr Richard Newton Post Doctoral Research Fellow 
Reed Ozretich Research Assistant 
Dr Christopher Payne Post Doctoral Research Fellow 
Dr Pamela Prentice Post Doctoral Research Assistant
Dr Pauline Wischhusen Research Assistant 
Lee Carneson Senior Faculty Administrator
Richard Kane Student Experience Officer 
Deborah Keir Academic Support Administrator 
Kirsten Strachan AquaExcel TNA Project Administrator
General Enquiries
Technical support
Angus Beaton Laboratory Technician 
Euan Brown Laboratory Technician
Brian Craig Aquarium Technician
Rozely De Jong Technician
Federico di Buccio Technician 
Alasdair Dick Laboratory Technician 
James Dick Technical Manager
Debbie Faichney Lead Technical Specialist
James Fennell Junior Molecular Biology Technician
Ian Fitzpatrick Assistant Technical Specialist - Stores
Shona Fraser Technician 
Kathryn Grace Laboratory Technician 
Charlie Harrower Assistant Technical Specialist - Stores
Charlotte Horrell Laboratory Technician
Jacquie Ireland Lead Technical Specialist 
Elizabeth Mackinlay Technician
Graeme McWhinnie Tech Specialist - Biogeochemistry
Maria Marin-Munoz Laboratory Technician 
Miriam Moreno Technician 
Ebony Morrow Laboratory Technician
Fiona Muir Senior Technical Speciliast 
Valerie Park Laboratory Technician 
Allison Penman Laboratory Technician
Keith Ranson Technician
Fiona Strachan Senior Technical Specialist 
Andrew Strachan Laboratory Assistant
Irene Younger Technical Specialist
Buckieburn Freshwater Research Facility
Alastair McPhee Manager - Freshwater Research Unit
James Rae Hatchery Technician 
Silvere Santos MASTS Research Technician
Machrihanish Marine Environmental Research Lab (MERL)
Chessor Matthew Manager of MERL  
Alan Anderson Senior Animal Technician
John Arthur Animal Care Technician Lead NAWCO
Simon Barnett Senior Animal Technician 
Dr David Bassett Senior Animal Technician  
Sally Boyd Senior Animal Technician
Pedro Munoz Senior Animal Technician 
PhD Students
Ahmed Mohammed Farouk Mostofa Abozeid Environment/modelling 
Aloysius Adibe Fish diseases 
Ahmed Ahmed Fish welfare 
Rosa Allshire Fish diseases 
Pau Badia Epidemiology 
Charlotte Bolton  Fish production 
Chelsea Broughton Bivalves disease
Mausam Budhatoki Sustainability
Faridah Bukirwa Environment/modelling 
Alexandra Bulgakova Environment/modelling 
Yu-Ching Chuang Parasitology 
Ana Corrochano-Fraile Environment/modelling
Batuhan Coskun Fish diseases 
Karl Cutajar Environment/modelling 
Jessica Di Toro Fish nutrition 
Akpojotor Ekpeki Environment/modelling 
Ahmed Elkesh Fish diseases 
Wasseem Emam Fish welfare  
Karla Fernandez Quiroz Fish nutrition 
Fabian Fox Environment/modelling
Katie Gaffney Fish production 
Xu Gong Fish nutrition 
Marie-Teresa Grobler Fish nutrition 
Arsenio Hilinganye Fisheries management 
Stephanie Horn Sustainability 
Callum Howard Fish production
Jibril Jibril Fish diseases 
Gayatri Kachh  Fish diseases 
Alexander Kaminski Sustainability 
Bjorn Kok Sustainability
Amalia Kuprandan Environment/modelling
Heri Kurniawan Fish diseases 
Francis Legario Fish diseases 
Emma McDonald Sustainability 
Valeria Macchia Fish diseases 
Wesley Malcorps Sustainability 
Irene Molto-Martin Crustacean diseases 
Reed Ozretich Sustainability
Peter Palma Fish production
Ibrahim Rashid Fish diseases 
Abdalla Salah Fish nutrition 
Mette Tollervey Fish production 
Claudia Tschesche Parasitology 
Lewis Kathryn Warren Fish production 
Timothy Robert Wiese Fish welfare
Suleiman Yakubu Environment/modelling