Research in aquaculture

Researchers at the Institute are seeking solutions for some of the biggest challenges of our times: the impact of a growing population worldwide; and how to develop sustainable, healthy and secure ways of living. 

We are recognised as one of the foremost centres of excellence in aquaculture research and education, transforming the global aquaculture sector.

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Research areas

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Research facilities

Our research facilities providing the range of environmental conditions relevant to the aquaculture industry.

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Postgraduate research

Our MSc degrees offer opportunities to lead in research of aquatic animal farming and food production systems.

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Future strategy

Our new National Aquaculture Technology and Innovation Hub will support our ambitious research strategy.

PhD opportunities in aquaculture

We offer a vibrant, supportive environment for postgraduate researchers in Aquaculture. Take a closer look at the subject areas we offer PhD supervision in and find out how to apply.


Read more about how to apply and see entry requirements What's the difference between a PhD and an MPhil?

Research Spotlights

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Research Spotlight

Aquaculture research

Our Institute of Aquaculture's priorities reflect a global interest in understanding how aquaculture can support the rapidly increasing human population without depleting wild-fish stocks.


Study explores how Nigeria can achieve its fish production target

Study explores how Nigeria can achieve its fish production target

Researchers have analysed how Nigeria can achieve its target of producing 2.5 million tonnes of farmed fish annually, and believe their work could provide similar insights in other countries.

New partnership to grow Ayrshire’s ‘blue economy’

New partnership to grow Ayrshire’s ‘blue economy’

The University of Stirling has joined forces with North Ayrshire Council to grow the ‘blue economy’ in the west of Scotland.