Dr Margaret Crumlish

SnrLecturer in Food Security & Sustainab

Institute of Aquaculture Stirling,

Dr Margaret Crumlish

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About me

My research interests are in the fields of aquatic microbial diseases, particularly bacterial infections of economic importance in global aquaculture. I study the identification and pathogenesis of bacterial infections that cause clinical disease outbreaks within a wide range of fish and shrimp farming systems. My current research activities include: vaccine development in farmed Pangasius catfish as an alternative to antibiotics, identification of Group B Streptococcal infections in fish and as food borne infections, development of rapid diagnostics for detection of viral, bacterial and parasitic infections in farmed seafood. The bacteria I am currently working on include motile Aeromonads, Vibrios, Streptococci, and Edwardsiella. My overall approach is to provide efficacious solutions to tackle infectious diseases within global aquaculture systems.

Event / Presentation

Past, Present and Future Diseases of Asian Catfish species Pangasianodon hypophthalmus

An oral presentation in Ho Chi Minh City Vietnam at the international Diseases of Asian Aquaculture Conference.

Other Academic Activities

FAO Risk Profile Report Group B Streptococcus (GBS)

University Contribution

Athena SWAN Bronze Award (Aquaculture)

This is the first Athena SWAN award for the Institute of Aquaculture in recognition of the equality, diversity and inclusion activities.

British Council Women in STEM Fellowships (ECR)
The British Council

British Council PGT Scholarships for Women in STEM
The British Council

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