Dr Margaret Crumlish

SnrLecturer in Food Security & Sustainab

Institute of Aquaculture Stirling,

Dr Margaret Crumlish

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About me

My research interests are in the fields of aquatic microbial diseases, particularly bacterial infections of economic importance in global aquaculture. I study the identification and pathogenesis of bacterial infections that cause clinical disease outbreaks within a wide range of fish and shrimp farming systems. My current research activities include: vaccine development in farmed Pangasius catfish as an alternative to antibiotics, identification of Group B Streptococcal infections in fish and as food borne infections, development of rapid diagnostics for detection of viral, bacterial and parasitic infections in farmed seafood. The bacteria I am currently working on include motile Aeromonads, Vibrios, Streptococci, and Edwardsiella. My overall approach is to provide efficacious solutions to tackle infectious diseases within global aquaculture systems.

Research programmes