Sociology, Social Policy and Criminology staff

Staff details
Column one lists staff members, column two lists job titles, column three lists contact email addresses.
Professor Isobel Anderson Professor
Dr Camilla Barnett Research Assistant
Dr Hannah Carver Lecturer
Mr Alan Duggan Research Fellow
Dr Maria Fotopoulou Lecturer
Dr Hannah Graham Lecturer
Dr Dave Griffiths Senior Lecturer
Dr Niall Hamilton-Smith Senior Lecturer
Professor Paul Lambert Professor
Dr Melanie Lovatt Lecturer
Professor Margaret Malloch Professor
Dr Peter Matthews Senior Lecturer and Deputy Associate Dean for Research
Dr Vikki McCall Senior Lecturer
Dr Ian McIntosh Lecturer and Associate Deputy Dean for Learning, Teaching and the Student Experience
Dr Kim McKee Senior Lecturer 
Miss Stacey McNicol Research Fellow
Dr Bill Munro Lecturer
Professor Samantha Punch Professor
Dr Steve Rolfe Research Fellow

Dr Wendy Masterton

Lecturer in Criminology
Dr Ashley Rogers Lecturer in Criminology
Professor Kirstein Rummery Professor
Dr Alasdair Rutherford Senior Lecturer
Dr Regina Serpa Lecturer in Housing
Dr Marina Shapira Senior Lecturer
Dr Richard Simmons Senior Lecturer
Dr Sarah Wilson Senior Lecturer
Dr Diana Miranda Lecturer in Criminology
Dr Ben Matthews Lecturer in Social Statistics & Demography
Dr Phil Crockett Thomas Lecturer in Criminology
Mr Scot Hunter Research Fellow
Dr Fiona Couper Kenney  Research Fellow
Ms Dianne Theakstone Research Fellow
Mrs Julia Lawrence Project Coordinator
Dr Lisa Davison Research Fellow
Miss Annie Crowley ESRC Postdoctoral Fellowship