Professor Paul Lambert


Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology Colin Bell Building, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

Professor Paul Lambert

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About me

  I have worked at the University of Stirling since 2003, having held previous posts at Cardiff University School of Social Sciences (2000-3), and at the Centre for Applied Statistics at Lancaster University (1996-2000, where I did my PhD). Most of my work involves analysis using secondary survey datasets, and I'm often involved in methodological research and training activities in the domain of quantitative data analysis and social science computing. I undertake applied research in a few different  application areas, but most often on the theme of 'social stratification', particularly studying occupations and their importance to stratification inequalities. Some of my recent and ongoing research projects are:

The 'CAMSIS' project, concerned with occupation-based measures of social stratification derived from the analysis of social interaction patterns between the incumbents of occupations (see  Three recent collaborations linked to the CAMSIS research, concerned with studying social stratification in the era 1600-1938 (see; with recent trends in social distance patterns (; and with looking at the relationship between social distance and social network methodologies for exploring social connections between occupations ( Methodological research on data management and software and techniques of data analysis relevant to large scale and survey-based quantitative datasets (e.g. DAMES; S-CSDP,   Applied collaborative research using survey datasets to explore particular themes in studying social inequalities, such as a role in a recent study of the nature and future of photojournalism supported by World Press Photo, and inputs to a collaborative analysis of employment inequalities in Scotland for the EHRC  

I am engaged in teaching research methodology (social statistics and handling quantitative data), including inputs to the MSc Social Statsitics and Social Research at the University of Stirling. I also teach on the topicof social stratification, and supervise PhD students on a range of sociological projects, themes including social inequalty by gender and ethnicity, and issues of working with complex research data resources. I've also convened a number of external training workshops, including since 2010 teaching an annual course 'Introduction to Multilevel Models with Applications' to the Essex Summer School in Social Science Data Analysis. At the University of Stirling, I also lead the 'Social Surveys and Social Statistics' research group, and I have a role in organising the annual professional meeting, the 'Social Stratification Research Seminar' (held in recent years in Cambridge, Milan, Utrecht, Edinburgh and Stirling).  

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