Dr Vikki McCall

Senior Lecturer

Housing Studies Colin Bell Building, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

Dr Vikki McCall

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About me

About me

Dr McCall is Senior Lecturer in Social Policy and Housing at the University of Stirling. Her work focuses on Housing and Ageing and she is leading three major programmes exploring housing and health integration through the lens of an ageing population.

Other work has included extensive research on the role of front-line workers, users and volunteers and the policy process. This has included exploring front-line worker discretion, interpretations, activities and actions.  Part of this work has been around bridging the gap between policy and practice.

As a Lecturer in the Housing Studies programme, Dr McCall delivers the postgraduate Diploma in Housing Studies. This is a prestigious programme verified by the Chartered Institute of Housing, which links theory and practice to housing practitioners for students in the UK and also internationally.

Expertise include housing, volunteers, devolution, poverty, inequality, gender, social problems, urban society and the cultural sector. This also includes experience in lecturing on and conducting social research, comparative social research, qualitative and quantitative methods. Dr McCall has published work around social policy, housing, ageing, policy integration, online academic communities, social inclusion, museums, policy makers' perceptions of culture and cultural data. She is also a leader on e-learning and teaching through a variety of different mediums.

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‘Best Newcomer Award’ Journal of Poverty and Social Justice

Nominated for an Inspirational Women Award 2023
Nominated for an Inspirational Women Award 2023 and attended the University of Stirling award ceremony to support staff and student achievements.

RATE Award - Runner up in ‘Excellence in Feedback’

RATE award - Runner up on Excellence in Teaching in Social Sciences

RATE Award - Winner in ‘Most Innovative in e-learning’
University wide award

RATE award - Winner of ‘Excellence in Teaching – School of Applied Social Science’

RATE award - Winner up on Excellence in Teaching in Social Sciences

Community Contribution

Board member of the TAPPI 2 Steering Group.
Housing LIN

Board member of the TAPPI 2 Steering Group. TAPPI2 is taking forward the UK government's recent white paper on adult social care placing emphasis on how technology can advance sector transformation and the allocation of funding to support the delivery of innovative new models of care

Steering Group Member of the Housing and Dementia Forum (Scottish Government)

Director of the Scottish Federation of Housing Assocations (Co-Optee)

Member of the Accessible Housing Network
Horizon Housing Association

Event / Presentation

Hosted international visit from ALONE

Hosted visit at teh University of Stirling with ALONE a charity developing housing to combat social isolation in older people in Ireland

Presentation to the Housing Studies Association Annual conference 2023

Abstracts accepted and face-to-face presentations to the Housing Studies Association conference. This includes three separate presentations 29-31 March 2023 in Sheffield. Projects presented include: INVITE Project ISPA Project DesHCA Project

Presentation to the Scottish Intergenerational Network

Introduction of the project and looking for people to join the Inclusive Living Alliance.

Speaker for the Housing LIN Virtual Summit 2023 - Smart About Ageing - An Inclusion Revolution
Housing LIN

Housing LIN Virtual Summit 2023 - A Festival of Ideas EVENT DATE 27/02/2023 10:00am till 03/03/2023 4:00pm Invited speaker for the session Smart About Ageing - An Inclusion Revolution with 348 people registered to attend.

Chair for International Conference of Social Governance and Social Policy in the Mega City’ conference

Chairing on the Chinese ‘International Conference of Social Governance and Social Policy in the Mega City’ conference for Beijing University of Technology (Nov 2022).

Guest Lecture for Scottish Housing Network

Guest Lecture presenting to the Scottish Housing Network. Presentation on adaptations and technology.

INVITE Project knowledge exchange event

Knowledge exchange event with over 100 housing practitioners in Stonewater Housing Association, June 2022.

INVITE Project launch

Presentation of the findings of the INVITE Project as Principal Investigator September 2022 to policy makers and practitioners.

Invited Lecturer for the Beijing Social Governance Research Centre, Beijing University of Technology (2022)

I am an invited Lecturer for the Beijing Social Governance Research Centre, Beijing University of Technology (21 Nov 2022)

Invited member for special Round Table on Housing and Later Living (Housing 2022)

Invited to a special round table by Shakespeare Martineau

Keynote for Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) annual conference

Speaker for the Royal College of Occupational Therapists (RCOT) annual conference, London, November 2022

Keynote opening speech for the Healthy Housing Awards

I was invited to speak and open teh national Healthy Housing Awards hosted at teh National Football Museum for a crowd of over 200 people. I introduced the Intersectional Stigma of Place-based Ageing Project

Kingdom Graduate Trainee Presentations

Kingdom Graduate Trainee Presentations Guest speaker to support the Kingdom Graduate Trainee's. Synopsis: The event will include an overview of the programme from a KHA perspective, the perspective from University of Stirling (who supported Grant and Eilidh through Post graduate qualifications); and the main focus will be presentations from Grant and Eilidh themselves, reflecting on their experiences and development through the programme

Opening keynote for the National Healthy Housing Awards

Was invited as keynote speaker to the Healthy Housing awards (hosted by Foundations) December 2022 to present and inform on the ISPA project. There were over 200 people from Home Improvement agencies in attendance. Impact is wider awareness of the project and connections for people to participate and be involved.

Presentation at SFHA Annual Conference
Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

SFHA annual conference led a session on adaptations and inclusive living

Presentation at the Housing Studies Association Conference

Presentation to adaptations forum (SHN)

Follow on from guest lecture to present also to the Scottish Housing Network adaptations forum (Sep2022)

Presentation to the Accessible Housing Network

Ongoing membership to teh Accessible Housing Network, presenting on the adaptations projects

Presentation to the Disabled Research Forum
Sheffield Hallam University

Dec 2022, invited speaker to present the ISPA Project to the Disabled Research Forum

Presentation to the ESRC Inclusive Ageing network

Presentation to the new ESRC Inclusive Ageing Group on teh ISPA Project (Nov 2022). Introduction to the project.

Social Science employability event

Created and led an employability event for the Faculty of Social Sciences 26th Oct 2022. Shared my own academic learning journey to inspire students.

Speaker for HAPPI Housing (Housing LIN) on the INVITE Project
Housing LIN


Speaker for Housing 2022 (CIH Conference, Manchester)

Presenting findings from the INVITE Project, Chaired by Jeremy Porteus

Speaker for the Care and Repair Connections Conference

11th May 2022 Final speaker to round up the conference

HAPPI Hour presenter on Inclusive Living

Speaker for the Housing LIN

Invited speaker to the Housing LIN Conference

Keynote at SHARE annual Conference

Saturday 27th March 2021

Shakespeare Martineau Scottish Housing Speaker

Speaker for the Scottish housing webinar 19th Nov 2021

Speaker at the Accessibility Summit

Speaker at the Healthy Ageing Conference

Speaker for the SPA Conference round-table on Housing

Keynote at Care and Repair conference

Presentation of Inclusive Living the HAPPI Hour event for Housing LIN
Housing LIN

HAPPI Hour – Designing for Inclusion: ensuring we have the right tools at our disposal Listen here: https://www.housinglin.org.uk/Events/HAPPI-Hour-Designing-for-Inclusion-ensuring-we-have-the-right-tools-at-our-disposal/

Presentation of Inclusive Living Toolkit at SHN Asset Management forum

Presentation for the Scottish Housing Network (SHN) asset management forum on Inclusive Living

SFHA Chairs conference keynote
Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

Presenting the concept of Inclusive Living

SFHA Development Virtual Conference

Launching the Inclusive Living Toolkit Date: Thursday 17 September 2020

TIS online conference opening keynote

Powering Digital: Online Communication and Tenant Engagement Wednesday 19th August 2020, Virtual event via Zoom

Attended the Scottish Government logic modelling workshop as presenter
Scottish Government - General

Guest speaker for Bield Housing Association away day

Presentation of the Housing and Ageing programme and Serious Game

Guest speaker for the CIH young professionals conference – on expert panel

Guest speaker for the Scottish Borders older people’s forum

Presenting Housing and Aging research

Keynote ‘inspirational speaker’ at the Women in Housing annual event

Inspirational speaker

Keynote at Age Scotland conference

Keynote for HSA annual lecture on Older people’s Housing: A vibrant offer?

Presented at HSA Conference

Presented at seminar at SFHA Annual conference
Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

Presenting at Scottish Housing Innovation Event

Presentatin for the Social Policy Assocaition conference

Presentation at the Housing Studies Association Conference

Keynote at SHARE Chairs conference

Keynote speaker at the annual Housing Studies Association lecture

Keynote speaker at the Rural housing Conference

Keynote speaker for the annual Women in Housing awards


Internal Examiner, FSS

Internal examiner, arts and humanities

Internal examiner, FSS

Internal Examiner, FSS

External Examiners and Validations

External Examiner, University of St Andrews
University of St Andrews

External Examiner, Heriot Watt University
Heriot-Watt University

External examination, University of York
University of York

External Examiner for MSc in Social Policy at Ulster
Ulster University

External Examiner for Ulster University
External examiner for the MSc in Social Policy, Ulster

Other Academic Activities

Honorary Secretary for the Social Policy Association

Co-Leader of SPA Housing Policy Group

Leading Scottish Parliament reception event
Scottish Government - General

Won the Sociological Review Prize for Outstanding Scholarship 2017

Won the Sociological Review Prize for Outstanding Scholarship 2017 for our paper in the Sociological Review "Place revisited: class, stigma and urban restructuring in the case of Glasgow’s Commonwealth Games".

Board member of the Journal of Social Policy and Society

Editor for Home, Housing and Communities: Foundations for Inclusive Society special edition

Editor of Students Companion to Social Policy
Co-editor in the leading Social Policy student text book

Executive Board member for the Social Policy Association

Other Project

CIH Housing and Education Strategy - steering group member

Member of the CIH’s Housing and Education steering group in Scotland

Professional qualification

Chartered member of the Chartered Institute of Housing
Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland

Teaching Fellow of the HEA
University of Stirling

Supervision of Research Assistants

Principal Investigator of the Intersectional Stigma of Place-Based Ageing (ISPA) Project
University of St Andrews, University of Bristol and Newcastle University

This ESRC-funded project will examine inequalities and stigma to develop interventions related to home and environmental modifications that encourage inclusive approaches that support people to age well within homes and communities. This ambitious 5-year participatory mixed method study will include innovative analyses of secondary longitudinal quantitative data, new ethnographic qualitative data, and co-production with disabled community peer-reviewers. A new community peer-research group of disabled adults will be the heart of this project to developing more inclusive approaches to ageing in place that break down the barriers to access and inclusion in key services created by stigma.

Leading the Promoting INclusive liVing vIa Technology-Enabled support (INVITE) Project Team

Large scale project, working in partnership with Stonewater HA funded by the Longleigh Foundation. https://www.stonewater.org/about-us/thought-leadership/invite-project/

Leading the ASUME Norway team

Leading the Inclusive living research team
Scottish Federation of Housing Associations

leading the Housing and Ageing programme team

Leading the Talking Health and Housing project team
Wheatley Housing Group Limited, University of Stirling, Talking Mats Ltd and Heriot-Watt University

University Contribution

Deputy leader of Home, Housing and Community programme

Hosted the Chinese delegation 27th November

Head of housing

Deputy Associate Dean on Teaching and Learning (Faculty of Social Sciences)
Particular focus on employability and online learning

Faculty Champion for online learning
Chair of the FSS Online Pedagogy Group

Research (9)

Social policy, housing, ageing society, third sector, volunteering, communities, dementia, culture, cultural services, museums, governance, the policy process, poverty, inequality, wellbeing, citizenship, social inclusion and gender


Designing homes for healthy cognitive ageing: co-production for impact and scale (DesHCA)
PI: Professor Alison Bowes
Funded by: Economic and Social Research Council

Stonewater - inclusive and assisted living in retirement living schemes
PI: Dr Vikki McCall
Funded by: Longleigh Foundation

Dementia Activity Toolkit
PI: Dr Vikki McCall
Funded by: Alberta Health Services

ASUME Volunteering and Dementia in Norway
PI: Dr Vikki McCall
Funded by: Nasjonalforeningen for folkehelsen

Talking Technology Enabled Care
PI: Dr Vikki McCall
Funded by: Innovate UK

Quality of Life in Later Years Research Project - Voices of Older People in Scotland
Funded by: Life Changes Trust

The Role of Volunteers in Dementia Care
PI: Dr Vikki McCall
Funded by: Abbeyfield Society

An Evaluation of the 415 Hub and Cluster Innovation Project
PI: Dr Vikki McCall
Funded by: Wheatley Housing Group Limited

Creating conversations: Activity Toolkit for People with Dementia
PI: Dr Vikki McCall
Funded by: Scottish Funding Council

Outputs (50)


Book Chapter

McCall V (2022) Researching Social Policy. In: Alcock P, Haux T, McCall V & May M (eds.) The Student's Companion to Social Policy. 6th edition ed. London: Wiley, pp. 11-18. https://www.wiley.com/en-gb/The+Student%27s+Companion+to+Social+Policy%2C+6th+Edition-p-9781119744870

Book Chapter

McCall V, Rolfe S, Matthews P, Wallace A, Manyika G, Iafrati S, Clark C & Munro M (2022) The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on UK housing policy: how do we rebuild the foundations of the ‘wobbly pillar’?. In: Jolly A, Cefalo R & Pomati M (eds.) Social Policy Review 34: Analysis and Debate in Social Policy, 2022. Social Policy Review, 24. Bristol: Policy Press, pp. 71-93. https://doi.org/10.51952/9781447365815.ch004

Edited Book

Alcock P, Haux T, McCall V & May M (eds.) (2022) The Student's Companion to Social Policy, 6th edition ed. London: Wiley Blackwell. https://www.wiley.com/en-gb/The+Student%27s+Companion+to+Social+Policy%2C+6th+Edition-p-9781119744870

Project Report

McCall V, Gibson G, Rolfe S, Serpa R & Lawrence J (2022) Promoting Inclusive living via Technology- Enabled support [INVITE Lay Summary]. Longleigh Foundation. Stirling. https://www.stonewater.org/about-us/thought-leadership/invite-project/

Research Report

McCall V (2022) Adapting the Adaptations Process. The Housing Evidence Centre. Glasgow. https://housingevidence.ac.uk/publications/adapting-the-adaptations-process-tackling-the-barriers-within-policy-and-practice/

Research Report

Wang Y, Gibb K & McCall V (2022) Evidence review of home adaptations in the UK and other OECD countries. UK Collaborative Centre for Housing Evidence (CaCHE). Glasgow. https://housingevidence.ac.uk/wp-content/uploads/2022/05/220510-Evidence-Review-of-Home-Adaptations_final.pdf


Robertson J, Gibson G, Greasley-Adams C, McCall V, Gibson J, Mason-Duff J & Pengelly R (2022) 'It gives you a reason to be in this world': the interdependency of communities, environments and social justice for quality of life in older people. Ageing and Society, 42 (3), pp. 539-563. https://doi.org/10.1017/s0144686x20000859

Research Report

Rolfe S, Pusram A, Robertson J, Gibson G & McCall V (2021) Ageing Well With Assistive Technology: Co-producing technology solutions with older people. A scoping review of the evidence.. Longleigh Foundation/Stonewater Housing Association. Stirling: University of Stirling. https://www.housinglin.org.uk/_assets/Resources/Housing/OtherOrganisation/Scoping-review-final-published-version.pdf

Authored Book

Gray C & McCall V (2020) The Role of Today’s Museum. London: Routledge. https://www.routledge.com/The-Role-of-Todays-Museum/Gray-McCall/p/book/9780367265090

Research Report

McCall V, Phillips J, Lovatt M, Robertson J, Rutherford A, Woolrytch R, Sixsmith J, Macintyre Z, Porteus J, Ziegler F & Eadie J (2019) Housing and Ageing: Linking future strategy to future delivery for Scotland, Wales and England 2030. Scottish Universities Insight Institute and Social Policy Association. https://www.scottishinsight.ac.uk/Programmes/Scotland2030/HousingOlderPeople.aspx

Research Report

Rutherford A, Bu F, Dawson A & McCall V (2019) Volunteering for All: national framework - literature review. Scottish Government. Social Research: People, Communities and Places. https://www.gov.scot/publications/literature-review-scotlands-volunteering-outcomes-framework/




Developing the Scottish housing Education Strategy
University of Glasgow and Chartered Institute of Housing in Scotland