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University of Stirling


Dr Vikki McCall

Senior Lecturer

Housing Studies Colin Bell Building, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

Dr Vikki McCall

About me

Dr McCall is Senior Lecturer in Social Policy and Housing at the University of Stirling. Her work focuses on Housing and Ageing and she is leading three major programmes exploring housing and health integration through the lens of an ageing population.

Other work has included extensive research on the role of front-line workers, users and volunteers and the policy process. This has included exploring front-line worker discretion, interpretations, activities and actions.  Part of this work has been around bridging the gap between policy and practice.

As a Lecturer in the Housing Studies programme, Dr McCall delivers the postgraduate Diploma in Housing Studies. This is a prestigious programme verified by the Chartered Institute of Housing, which links theory and practice to housing practitioners for students in the UK and also internationally. Dr McCall has won a RATE award for the ‘most innovative in e-learning' (2015) and Excellence in Teaching in the School of Applied Social Science (2016). Dr McCall has a broad portfolio of social science teaching and research with the University of Stirling. Expertise include housing, volunteers, devolution, poverty, inequality, gender, social problems, urban society and the cultural sector. This also includes experience in lecturing on and conducting social research, comparative social research, qualitative and quantitative methods.

Dr McCall has published work around social policy, housing, ageing, policy integration, online academic communities, social inclusion, museums, policy makers' perceptions of culture and cultural data. She is also a leader on e-learning and teaching through a variety of different mediums.

Please feel free to contact for further information.

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