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Professor Derek McGhee Dean of Faculty derek.mcghee@stir.ac.uk
Professor Liz Forbat Deputy Dean  elizabeth.forbat1@stir.ac.uk
Dr Niall Hamilton-Smith Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching  niall.hamilton-smith@stir.ac.uk
Dr Vikki McCall Deputy Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching  vikki.mcall1@stir.ac.uk
Dr Sarah Wilson Deputy Associate Dean for Learning and Teaching  sarah.wilson@stir.ac.uk
Dr Maureen Michael  Associate Dean for Research  m.k.michael@stir.ac.uk
Dr Peter Mathews Deputy Associate Dean for Research  peter.matthews@stir.ac.uk
Professor Louise McCabe Associate Dean for Internationalisation  l.f.m.mccabe@stir.ac.uk 
Dr Kevin Brosnan Director of Postgraduate Taught Programmes  k.d.r.brosnan@stir.ac.uk 
Professor Angela Creese Associate Dean for Postgraduate Research a.e.creese@stir.ac.uk
Dr Marina Shapira Faculty Chief Examiner  marina.shapira@stir.ac.uk
Nicola Cairns Executive PA  nicola.cairns@stir.ac.uk


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