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University of Stirling


Dr Melanie Lovatt


Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology Colin Bell Building, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

Dr Melanie Lovatt

About me

I joined the University of Stirling as a lecturer in sociology in August 2016. Prior to this I was at the University of Sheffield, where I completed a PhD in the Department of Sociological Studies and worked as a research associate. I have an MA in folklore from Memorial University of Newfoundland and a BA in history from the University of York. 

I have three main research interests (which often overlap):

Ageing, the life course and time. My PhD took an ethnographic approach to how residents of older people's homes become at home (or not) from a material culture perspective. I am currently interested in future time in the context of older age, and how time is perceived and experienced differently at different stages of the life course. 

Sociology of health and illness. I worked as a research associate on the Space for Sharing project, which explored how sharing, trust and empathy play out in online relationships between people in difficult or dangerous circumstances. Prior to that I worked as a qualitative researcher in the Sheffield Alcohol Research Group where I researched people's interpretations of the UK drinking guidelines and attitudes to alcohol policies. 

Home, relationships and families. Particularly in the context of older age. I am also interested in how the 'non-human' - e..g material culture, animals - shapes relationships and a sense of belonging.

Teaching: I coordinate the first year undergraduate module SPCU911 Social Differentiation and the honours module SPCU9JK Ageing, Society and Social Policy. 

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