Mrs Julia Lawrence

Project Coordinator

Faculty of Social Sciences Room 4T18, R.G. Bomont Building, University of Stirling, STIRLING, FK9 4LA

Mrs Julia Lawrence

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About me

About me

Please note that publications prior to 2018 are in my maiden name, Clark.

Julia Lawrence's research activities include housing and disability; inequality and social exclusion; and user experiences of ehealth and smart home technologies to support independent living. She currently the project coordinator of the Intersectional Stigma of Place-based Ageing (ISPA) project. Julia is a teaching assistant in both Psychology and Social Sciences.

Julia recognises the importance of developing good practice in co-production and has supported and collaborated with a range of service users including older and disabled people, as well as housing, health and social care practitioners on a number of projects. Julia also has previously supported the needs of disabled people working as Peer Researchers and facilitated Project Advisory Boards.

Outputs (19)


Project Report

McCall V, Gibson G, Rolfe S, Serpa R & Lawrence J (2022) Promoting Inclusive living via Technology- Enabled support [INVITE Lay Summary]. Longleigh Foundation. Stirling.

Research Report

Satsangi M, Theakstone D, Matthews P, Lawrence J, Rummery K, Mackintosh S, Baghirathan S & Boniface G (2018) The housing experiences of disabled people in Britain. Equality and Human Rights Commission Research Report Series. Equality and Human Rights Commission.

Conference Proceeding

Morgan M, Martin CJ, McGee-Lennon M, Clark J, Hine N, Wolters M & Arnott J (2008) Requirements Gathering with Diverse User Groups and Stakeholders. In: Proceeding: CHI '08 extended abstracts on Human factors in computing systems. CHI 2008 Workshop on Distributed Participatory Design, Florence, Italy, 05.04.2008-10.04.2008. New York, USA: ACM, pp. 2597-2600.;

Conference Paper (unpublished)

Clark J & McGee-Lennon M (2008) Involving Multiple Stakeholders in the Design of Home Care Technologies. Embracing the Challenge: Citizenship and Dementia, Belfast, Northern Ireland, 06.05.2008-08.05.2008.



Julia works as a teacher on the following modules.

First Year Modules: Introductory Psychology I (PSYU911) and Introductory Psychology II (PSYU912).

Second Year Modules: The Social Mind (PSYU9A3) and Brain and Behaviour (PSYU9A4)

Third Year Modules: Disability and Society (SPCU9JM)

In postgraduate teaching, Julia contributes to the Post-Graduate MSc/Diploma in Housing Studies on the following modules: Housing Services (HOUP001); Housing Governance (HOUP005) and Healthy Housing (HOUP006) And is the module coordinator for Contemporary Housing Practice (HOUP007).

Research programmes

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