Professor Margaret Malloch


Sociology, Social Policy & Criminology Colin Bell Building, University of Stirling, Stirling, FK9 4LA

Professor Margaret Malloch

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About me

Margaret's work includes research, writing and activism that aims to challenge carceral and punitive responses to ‘crime’ and to work towards collective action for change.
Rejecting the prevailing doxa of carceral feminism, she is engaged in work that highlights the criminal legal system as the central pillar of patriarchal power. Margaret is a founding member of the Coalition Against Punishment (CAP), a collective of penal abolitionists who seek to disrupt the punishment system in order to create spaces for more radical change (

Ongoing work and research interests focus on Transformative Justice and Abolitionism; Mutual aid and community engagement; Gender and the criminal legal system; Confronting Criminalising Processes and Practices; Exploitation and Responses to 'Human Trafficking': constructing 'problems' and policy responses, Creating and sustaining 'communities of recovery'.

Interested in supervising students with a critical approach to theory and methods; expertise in qualitative research and analysis.