Social Work staff

Staff details
Column one lists staff members, column two lists job titles, column three lists contact email addresses.
Dr Ruth Emond Associate Professor
Dr Sandra Engstrom Lecturer and Unity Coordinator
Dr Duncan Helm Senior Lecturer and Head of Subject Group
Ms Sara Hitchin Senior Lecturer and Practice Learning Programme Director
Dr Sian Lucas  Lecturer
Dr Kathryn Mackay Lecturer
Ms Frances Patterson Senior Teaching Fellow and Subject Chief Examiner
Dr Paul Rigby  Lecturer and Postgraduate Selection Coordinator
Dr Fiona Sherwood-Johnson Lecturer
Dr Helen Whincup Senior Lecturer
Dr Hannah Hale Research Fellow
Ms Joanne Alexander Research Fellow
Ms Cheryl Burgess Honorary Research Fellow
Dr Maggie Grant Research Fellow
Professor Jane Callaghan Director of Child Wellbeing and Protection
Dr Fiona Morrison Lecturer in Child Protection and Wellbeing
Ms Paula Gow Lecturer
Professor Lena Dominelli Professor in Social Work
Ms Tanya Beetham Research Assistant
Ms Judy Warburton Research Assistant
Dr Ruth Friskney Research Assistant
Mr Andrew Burns Research Fellow
Dr Adele Laing  Research Fellow