Updating personal data for all students

If you make any change to your personal details we will need to see official documentation that confirms your new details before we can update your record. To change your details either bring your original document into our office (address below) or email Student Hub with a scanned copy of the original document and we can make the alteration.

Changing your details back

If you decide to revert your details to previous details that we held on your student record, you just need to contact us to request this change. We will only request to see official documentation confirming this new change if it is required.

If the change is to your name and/or gender you will be eligible for a new ID card. Please either post us your old ID card or bring it into our office and we will issue you a new ID card with your updated details.

When will my details change?

We aim to update your details as soon as possible. If you come into our office with the correct documentation we will change your details immediately. Your student record and your student Portal will also update immediately. We will also contact the Information Centre to update your Canvas.

For documents that are emailed or posted we will update your student record and student Portal within 3 working days. We will also contact the Information Centre to update your Canvas.

If you have any questions regarding your student record please contact Student Hub.