Module evaluation FAQs

Frequently asked questions about module evaluation

Why are the questionnaires the same for every module?

This is the first year that we've used the new module evaluation system from EvaSys and we decided that we will make the introduction of the new system as straightforward as possible. In future we will have different versions of the questionnaires for different types of module.

Why are most of the questionnaires paper-based?

When we ran a pilot of the EvaSys system in spring 2014 we found that we had a much better response rate for paper surveys (60-70%) that we did for the online versions (20-30%). We want to maximise the number of responses that we receive so that we can respond to as many of the issues raised as possible.

What if I'm not at the class when the surveys are handed out?

If you aren't in the class when the surveys are handed out you can come to the student reception desk in 2Z in the Cottrell Building. They will provide you with a copy of the survey

Are surveys available in different formats?

The survey forms have to be in a set format because they are scanned automatically. If you need an alternative format please come to the student reception desk in 2Z in the Cottrell Building and we will try to accommodate you. At present we don't have the facility to offer online versions of the paper questionnaires although using paper and online surveys for the same module is possible.

Are the surveys anonymous?

The paper surveys are completely anonymous, they are scanned and the results are sent electronically. The online versions of the surveys are classed as 'non-anonymous'. In order to participate in the online surveys you need a unique link (PSWD) which is sent to you by email. It would be possible to link your email address to the PWSD and then to your responses. The University does not have access to these data as they are held on the EvaSys system and we will not ask EvaSys to provide that information.