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Undergraduate enrolment

Procedures for new undergraduate students

Ready to get started on your new academic adventure? Work your way through the online enrolment process so that you're all ready to start making the most of your time at Stirling from the moment you arrive on campus.

‌Please note: Study abroad and exchange students should refer to the student handbook for study abroad sent separately by the study abroad office.

Step one: computer account password 

Before you can complete Module Registration and Online Enrolment, you'll need to discover your University of Stirling student computer account. This account (username and password) provides access to:

  • The University Portal (internal website)
  • The computer network on campus (including the student lab PCs in the Computing labs and Library)
  • Canvas (online learning environment)

Discover your student computer account

You'll need your registration number (which can be found in the email sent with the instructions on how to apply for your accommodation) and your date of birth.

It is also possible to discover your account when you arrive on campus.

If you need help

You can either consult the instructions for account discovery or contact the Information Centre at, quoting your student registration number.

Uploading passport and visa

(International students from outside the EU) 

In order to comply with Home Office regulations, we are required to ensure our students have the correct visa status for studying at the University of Stirling. In order to do this we require you to confirm your passport and visa details and to upload copies. The upload process is accessed through the Portal.

Step two: module registration

This does not apply to pre-registration nursing students

Module registration is the process of choosing the modules you want to study in your first year.

An email will be sent to your student account when you're able to start online module registration. You can contact your Adviser of Studies for academic advice before you make your module choices. Information is also available via the faculty websites or in the degree programme tables.

To register, you will first need to log onto the Portal, then click on the link for module registration and follow the instructions.

Portal login

If you have any questions regarding completing the Module Registration process, contact the Student Programmes team at

Please note: All module selections must be made before arrival at the University.

Step three: online enrolment

In order to enrol as a student of the University, you must complete online enrolment.

To complete the enrolment process, you should log onto the Portal. Click on the link for online enrolment - 'enrol now' - and follow the step by step instructions. At the start of the enrolment process you will be asked to confirm some information we hold about you, or enter this information if it was not supplied in your application.

Portal login

Step four: payment of fees

You will then be presented with the option of paying your tuition fees online.

Fees paid by SAAS or Student Finance England/NI/Wales? 

If your tuition fees are being paid on your behalf by the Student Awards Agency for Scotland (SAAS) or Student Finance England/NI/Wales you do NOT need to complete the online sponsor form

Fees paid by a body other than SAAS or Student Finance England/NI/Wales?

If your tuition fees are being paid by a body other than SAAS or Student Finance England/NI/Wales (e.g. your employer is paying your fees):

If you're being sponsored, you can supply this information as part of online enrolment. Please complete the Sponsor Form. Your sponsor will be invoiced in due course. Please note that there may be a delay to your enrolment of 24 hours (or longer at the weekend), and you won't be able to complete the process until these updates are completed.

Once updated, an email will be sent to you confirming your sponsor information has been applied to your record, and notifying you to complete the enrolment process.

Are you responsible for paying your own tuition fees?

You can make an online payment or choose to pay via other methods

You can also pay your tuition fees in instalments

Once you've completed the tuition fees page, click the continue button to complete the enrolment process. An email will be sent to your student email account to confirm your enrolment status.

Step five: collect your student ID card

Photograph: To complete the Online Enrolment process, you will be issued with a student ID card. In order to produce your ID card we need you to upload your photograph which you can do via your 'My Portal Pre Enrolment' page or 'My Portal', just look for the 'Upload ID Card Photo' link. The process should take no more than 10 minutes and you will receive notification once your image has been submitted and approved for your ID card.

Submitting your photograph 

Collecting your ID card

 Student loan payment

In order to receive your first student loan instalment you must have completed Online Enrolment. If you delay enrolling you should be aware that this will also lead to a delay in the receipt of your payment.

Learn about fees and funding

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