Management, Work and Organisation staff

Dr Wasim Ahmed Senior Lecturer in Digital Business Email Dr Wasim Ahmed
Dr Hazel Baxter-Reid Lecturer Email Dr Hazel Baxter-Reid
Dr Adelina Broadbridge Senior Lecturer Email Dr Adelina Broadbridge
Ms Catherine Casler Early Career Fellow Email Ms Catherine Casler
Miss Kirstine Collins Lecturer  Email Miss Kirstine Collins
Dr Gerry Edgar Senior Lecturer Email Dr Gerry Edgar
Dr Peter Flett Lecturer in Project/Operations Management Email Dr Peter Flett
Dr Thomas Forbes Senior Lecturer Email Dr Thomas Forbes
Professor Brian Howieson Professor of Organisational Leadership Email Professor Brian Howieson 
Michaela Hruskova Early Career Fellow Email Michaela Hruskova
Ms Jenoah Joseph Head of Division/Senior Lecturer Email Ms Jenoah Joseph
Dr Tom Kane Senior Lecturer in Business Analytics Email Dr Tom Kane
Dr Knut Laaser Lecturer Email Dr Knut Laaser
Professor Oliver Mallett Professor Email Professor Oliver Mallett
Dr Carol Marshall Lecturer Email Dr Carol Marshall
Dr Simon McCabe Lecturer Email Dr Simon McCabe
Professor Ronald McQuaid Professor of Work and Employment Email Professor Ronald McQuaid
Dr Naja Murad Lecturer in Management  Email Dr Naja Murad
Dr Najib Murad Lecturer Email Dr Najib Murad
Dr Linda Perriton Associate Professor Email Dr Linda Perriton
Dr Michael Walsh Senior Lecturer Email Dr Michael Walsh
Professor C William R Webster Professor of Public Policy and Management Email Professor C William R Webster
Dr Naja Mohd Yusof Lecturer in Mangement  Email Dr Naja Mohd Yusof
Dr Nora Ramadan Lecturer International Business & Entrepreneur Email Dr Nora Ramadan
Emeritus Staff 
Professor Sharon Bolton Emeritus Professor Email Professor Sharon Bolton 
Professor Bernard Burnes Emeritus Professor Email Professor Bernard Burnes
Professor George Burt Emeritus Professor Email Professor George Burt 
Professor Robin Fincham   Emeritus Professor  Email Professor Robin Fincham 
Professor Paul Thompson   Emeritus Professor   Email Professor Paul Thompson